The 14 Days of Christmas event in Fortnite – a gaming advent calendar of sorts – is up and running, with developer Epic Games announcing new challenges and a specific Limited Time Modes (LTM) into the new year. These challenges require completion by the end of the 14 day period. The annual event also sees new and old Christmas themes skins and cosmetics added to the Fortnite item shop.

Sunday, December 23’s newly-revealed fifth challenge is aerial.

Players must fly an X-4 Stormwing Plane through a succession of golden rings.

You can find them mostly above and below the most noticeable landmarks.

Completing the mission will earn you the Combat Wreath.

14 Days of Christmas Golden Ring locations:

Golden Ring 1: South of Frosty Flights

Golden Ring 2: Haunted Hills

Golden Ring 3: The abandoned villain base near Snobby Shores

Golden Ring 4: South of Paradise Palms

Golden Ring 5: The tower at Lonely Lodge

Golden Ring 6: Below the Shifty Shafts bridge

Golden Ring 7: North of Salty Springs

Golden Ring 8: Tomato Temple

Golden Ring 9: The western shore of Loot Lake

Golden Ring 10: The mountain north of Happy Hamlet

Golden Ring 11: Lazy Links

Golden Ring 12: Northwest of Polar Peak

Golden Ring 13: North of Retail Row

The inaugural challenge is a simple one, needing players just need to enter Fortnite’s Creative Mode to complete it and unlock their GG Ornament special spray reward.

Day two’s challenge made players visit two of the massive candy canes placed onto the map during the V7.10 battle royale update, unlocking a Festive Firefight loading screen reward.

Day three’s challenge required players to playing three matches with friends, earning them a new Snowball Toy.

Day four challenged players to throw snowballs at the opposition in different matches, with a snowman Emoticon available for the victor.

Fortnite 14 Days of Christmas rewards:

Day One: GG Ornament special spray

Day Two: A Festive Firefight loading screen

Day Three: A new Snowball Toy

Day Four: A snowman Emoticon

Day Five: A Combat Wreath