Fortnite update 6.30 has gone live, which means new skins have leaked online.

The first wave of 6.30 leaked Fortnite skins were discovered by FortniteInsider.

According to the leaks, fans can expect a new version of the Power Chord skin to launch soon, except this one is called Riot.

If it’s anything like the previous Power Chord skin, then the brand new male version will be a Legendary release costing 2,000 V-bucks.

Fans will also be able to purchase the Elmira skin, which wouldn’t look out of place in Harry Potter.

But perhaps most interesting of all is the Taro skin, which can be seen in the image above.

While there’s no official release dates for the leaked skins, the new outfits should all be available within the next week.

Check out the full list of leaked skins in the gallery below…

According to the patch notes, update 6.30 also adds the Mounted Turret weapon.

“Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat,” reads an Epic post.

The Mounted Turret has unlimited ammo, but will overheat if used for too long.

It can only be placed on floors, and can be destroyed by shooting it directly or firing at the structure it’s placed on.

But perhaps most exciting of all is the Food Fight LTM, which pits the Durr Burger against the Pizza Pit.

“The battle of Durrr Burger versus Pizza Pit has begun,” reads an Epic post.

“Two teams on either side of the map. A huge barrier runs down the middle. Build a fort to protect your restaurant mascot. When the Barrier lowers, destroy the enemy’s mascot to win the match!”

The mode even features respawns, as well as extra resources and red supply drops.