Fortnite ring doorbell is going to be one of the big week 3 challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside is one of the free challenges for week 3 of the season 6 Battle Pass.

Fortnite ring doorbell is also one of three hard difficulty challenges for Fortnite week 3.

Completing ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside will reward Fortnite players with 10 Battle Stars.

However, Fortnite ring doorbell is one of the week 3 challenges that may leave players a bit stumped ahead of it going live.

We know about the Fortnite ring doorbell challenge because it was one of the leaked Fortnite week 3 challenges.

However, this week it appears Epic Games has taken measures to make it more difficult to solve the challenges before they go live.

With previous weeks it was quite straightforward for Fortnite fans to figure out how to solve the leaked challenges before they went live.

But it looks like for week 3 Epic Games will be adding new assets as soon as the latest challenges go live which are crucial to solving them.

Epic did this previously with the Fortnite timed trials challenge.

And this makes some of the latest Fortnite challenges – including Fortnite ring doorbell – harder to solve before they become active.

However, one of those who thinks they’ve figured out how the Fortnite challenge will work is YouTuber Thirsty Tuber.

In a video posted online he explained that the new doorbell mechanics are likely to be added as soon as the Fortnite week 3 challenges go live.

He said players will likely use the same button to open a door as to ring the doorbell in Fortnite.

Doorframes on houses in Fortnite are pretty huge, so there’s plenty of space to put a doorbell on the left or right hand side of it.

As Thirsty Tuber explained, what will make the challenge tricky is you need to wait for an opponent to be inside of the house before ringing the bell.

You can’t have a friend inside, it has to be an enemy in the house when you press the Fortnite doorbell.

And since everyone will be trying to complete the challenge a lot of players are likely to be outside of houses as opposed to inside them.

Thirsty Tuber said the best bet is to wait till the latter stages of a match when players are likely to be camped out inside a house.

That should increase your chances of ringing a Fortnite doorbell when a foe is inside.

Good spots to head to to complete this challenge which have plenty of houses would be Pleasant Park and Greasy Grove.

The Fortnite week 3 challenges are going live at 2pm BST – will update this story once the challenges become active.