Fortnite Fans are now counting down the days before Fortnite Season 6 ends, and a new Battle Pass is announced.

Epic Games hasn’t shared much yet on the way of official news on the new season, but there has been plenty of hints.

From what has been discovered so far, the developers are going to be using a winter seasonal theme during Season 7.

This will probably include a significant new seasonal 2018 celebration, complete with special LTM and outfits to unlock or buy.

There’s a chance that Season 7 will include other themes and not just be dominated by seasonal gear.


Some fresh leaks and hints have hit the internet this week that provides a glimpse at the new Season Battle Pass.

Like with the start of Season 6, Fortnite fans can probably expect a big event to mark the holiday season.

Small events have already started to occur, including a gathering storm in the sky.

Earlier this week the Fortnite week 10 loading screen was leaked following the release of Fortnite update 6.31.

The last loading screen for Fortnite season 6 shows a party scene with the DJ llama at the decks, complete with an Easter egg outfit in the crowd.

The onesie skin was previously leaked last month before the in-game files were suddenly removed.

It led fans to think that the Fortnite onesie skin could have been consigned to the garbage pile.

But its reemergence in the Fortnite week 10 loading screen has led to speculation among fans that it could be being teased for a season 7 launch.

Another skin was also announced today which is not part of Fortnite Season 7.

The Fortnite GeForce bundle brings with it a brand new skin – the rare reflex outfit.

The Fortnite GeForce skin is accompanied by the rare pivot glider, the response unit back bling and the uncommon angular axe pickaxe.

All of these cosmetics are included in the Fortnite GeForce bundle as is 2,000 V-Bucks.

However, the only way to get it is by purchasing a brand new graphics card, laptop or desktop.


The in-game timer suggests Season 6 will end on December 5, meaning that Season 7 would follow shortly after.

Betting on what day a big event in Fortnite will happen is always dangerous, but from how things have happened in the past, there are some good predictions to make.

Friday, December 7, seems like the logical time for the Fortnite Season 7 release date.

Providing a few days as a buffer between the two seasons, it would also give Epic Games the time to get their updates lined up.

Timing might also depend on how Epic Games plans to launch events in the future, such as Valentine’s Day and New Year.

It should also be noted that the development team have delayed season start times before, so fans shouldn’t be surprised if things kick off a little later in December.

Fans should also expect a new season full of fresh cosmetic designs via the now famous Fortnite Battle Pass.

And the good news is that this cosmetic bundle will likely not go up in price during season 7.

Meaning fans will probably be spending the usual 950 V-Bucks or £7.99/$9.99 in real money.