New Fortnite skins are arriving in the Update 6.21 Patch which was launched today.

And early indications from files hidden in the update show there is something for everyone.

They include a fearsome Shogun, a terrifying Growler and another another recolour Spookjy Team Leader.

Details at the moment remain scarce, although Epic Games are certain to make an official announcement soon.

The full Fortnite skin list:

Growler (Epic) – This good boy is not afraid to bare his teeth.

Spooky Team Leader (Epic) – Find delight in fright.

Mayhem (Rare) – Embrace the destruction.

Reflex (Rare) – Quick to react, first to retaliate.

Shogun (Legendary) – Suited for the ultimate showdown.

Yee-Haw! (Epic) – Giddy-up!

Instinct (Rare) – Victory comes naturally.

Flapjackie (Epic) – Loves pancakes almost as much as victory.

Ruckus (Rare) – Bring the bedlam.

Fortnite Fans will be happy to learn that the Giddy-Up gets its own skin, receiving a snazzy inflatable llama

Until now here was only a male option available.

This issue has thankfully been resolved with the new Yee-Haw skin.

This transforms the llama into a magnificent unicorn.

Balloons will headline this week’s big Battle Royale update.

An Epic post reads: “Blow ‘em up and float away, this new addition lets you get around like never before.”

But beware as Balloons have a shelf life and will pop when they reach the maximum altitude.

The gifting feature, which was leaked earlier this week, is yet to materialise.

Also absent from Update 6.21 is possible Gifting, which will launch alongside Season 7.

Fortnite update 6.21 patch sizes:

Update 6.21 is 1.63 GB on PC, 2.77 GB on Mac, 917 MB on PS4, 1.96 GB on Xbox One, 441 MB on Switch, 592 MB on iOS and 724 MB on Android.

Fortnite Battle Royale will return just a few hours before the release of the Week 6 challenges.

An easy Week 6 challenge will reportedly task players with deploying three Chiller traps.