Galaxy Blitz – Play-To-Earn Combat Strategy NFT Game – Launches Official Website

Galaxy Blitz, a Play-To-Earn combat strategy NFT game, launched its Official website on December 1, 2021. The website will be a repository for artwork from the game, lore, updates in the game’s development, and more.

The market cap for NFTs was $11.72 billion in September of this year. NFT gaming represents a core part of this market, as popular Play-To-Earn titles have crossed over into the mainstream throughout 2021. NFT gaming gives the power back to gamers, while also pushing the adoption of crypto technology around the world.

Galaxy Blitz is a combat strategy game with extensive lore on the four different races that populate the game. Players strategize based on the different skills, habitats, resources, weapons, and features of these races, and can own their own one-of-a-kind NFT starships, each with a variety of weapon and combat options.

In the game, resources can be gathered and farmed, or purchased using the in-game governance token MIT. Additionally, NFTs, which represent characters, starships, and game-changing weapons, can be bought using MIT. For users wishing to buy MIT, it will eventually be available on a CEX and DEX through Galaxy Blitz’s official website, while users will also be able to gain MIT by completing missions and unlocking achievements in the game.

The Galaxy Blitz team is currently made up of 35 members who have extensive experience in gaming and tech industries, for companies like Nintendo, EA, Google, Marvel, and TikTok, across game design, game development, marketing, CG effects and more.

In Q1 of 2022, Galaxy Blitz will launch a token sale of its governance token MIT and will begin NFT mint events, presales, and airdrops in January 2022. In addition, Galaxy Blitz plans to launch its MainNet in the first quarter of 2022.

About Galaxy Blitz

Galaxy Blitz is a Play-To-Earn combat strategy NFT game set centuries in the future as four unique highly evolved descendants of humanity fight for dominance in battles on both lands and in space. Earn a variety of tokens via battles and resource farming as you lead your faction to galactic dominance!







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