Galaxy Chaos -The GameFi 3.0 Era Coming with Immersive Gameplay and Healthy Economic System

Chances are that you have heard there were several drawbacks existing in traditional gaming platforms hence the concept of GameFi was introduced along with the development of blockchain technology.

However, unlike the traditional games, the in-game items that you earn or purchase in blockchain games are essentially yours as the blockchain technology grants you undebatable ownership.

How can blockchain games evolve into GameFi 3.0? The core lies in creating supply and demand equilibrium and building social values.

To this end, Galaxy Chaos, an intergalactic-themed, large-scale MMOSLG blockchain game that abides by the Dark Forest Laws in the core gameplay, proposes an avant-garde gaming experience that is both engaging and financially profitable, through its GameFi approach which allows players to trade and gain assets in the form of both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

The game constructs the real galaxies, and every player will be able to experience the open and magnificent universe in the game.

Rich Gameplay

Built on EVM, Galaxy Chaos is a blockchain game where players can purchase warships, participate in in-game mining, and experience PvP and PvE combats with the ultimate goal of consolidating their warships through strategy and mass battles.

The fungible token components of the game are the ERC-20 tokens GXY (governance token) and Gcoin (utility token) while the warships NFTs are a pivotal asset, having an active effect on the development of the game. GXY can be obtained based on monthly rankings, while Gcoin can be obtained from daily tasks and in-game mining.

Besides, based on a complete underlying architecture, Galaxy Chaos is integrated with blockchain technology smoothly. Its stability, rich gameplay, and fair on-chain economic model determine that Galaxy Chaos will push the boundaries of what is possible in the current GameFi field.

Simply, the game provides barrier-free access for both traditional game players and crypto enthusiasts and support for the relationship between supply and demand through well-designed game mechanisms. The PvP and PvE gameplays are the basic combat systems in which the players can earn Gcoin that are essential for the in-game consumption.

The core gameplay of the game, such as space station construction, arena, GVG battles and more can truly realize the value of social and blockchain in the game, thereby enhancing players’ stickiness and eliminating the bottlenecks faced by the industry.

Moreover, to enhance the interactivity and flexibility of the gameplay, it is worth mentioning that the GVG combat system (legion vs legion) is forged to allow players to communicate and explore the game in an intriguing way.

On the way

The project is initiated by a skilled and creative team who are prepared to tackle critical and rapidly growing issues that may emerge in both traditional and blockchain gaming industries in the future.

The team asserted that they have spent three years on the research and development of the game, and established a stable and reliable technical foundation for this game.

The great effort helps the team make sure that their plans will be implemented one by one soon.

According to the roadmap, the IDO, the NFT pre-sale and the game will be launched in Q1 2022. At the same time, DeFi, token, and NFT will all be added to the game ecosystem and will be gradually released in three phases.

For those who want to know more about the project, they can visit the Galaxy Chaos official media platforms to receive the latest updates regarding the project.

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