It looks like Samsung fans have a hugely exciting month ahead.

The Korean tech firm has already announced that it will launch its new Note 10 on August 7 with a major launch event taking place in New York.

This device is expected to feature numerous upgrades including a triple rear camera, faster processor, improved S Pen stylus and more fully edge-to-edge display.

There’s also the possibility it will arrive with Samsung’s PowerShare technology which will allow it to refill other devices and accessories wirelessly.

This is clearly a major release for Samsung but it could be overshadowed by another flagship device.

The Galaxy Fold is Samsung’s first bendable phone with this ground-breaking gadget originally expected to arrive earlier in 2019.

However, after numerous issues were spotted with review units sent out to US media, Samsung decided to push back an official launch.

Now it seems this phone is ready for the public with Samsung confirming it will release this device next month.

In a statement, the Korean firm said: “At Samsung, we’ve always focused on pioneering the next generation of mobile innovation: new products and technologies that push the entire industry forward and help users do what they can’t.

“Earlier this year, we announced Galaxy Fold—Samsung’s first foldable device, and the beginning of an entirely new mobile category. Since then, we’ve made improvements to Galaxy Fold to ensure consumers have the best possible experience.

“Samsung has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests to validate the changes we made.”

There’s currently no exact date for this device arriving in pockets with Samsung simply saying it will begin shipping in September in select markets with availability details being shared as we get closer to launch.

As a quick reminder, the Galaxy Fold offers users the ability to turn a standard-sized phone into a giant 7.3-inch tablet.

This has been made possible by a Samsung’s Infinity Flex Display which is able to bend without causing any damage to the screen.

When closed shut, the Fold looks like most current devices with a 4.6-inch screen on the front and camera set-up on the rear case.

But when you want to watch a movie or need more space to work you simply open the phone up to reveal a giant 7.4-inch display.

Samsung even engineered a sophisticated hinge with multiple interlocking gears which means the device should feel solid when in this tablet mode.

Another nice feature is that the Galaxy Fold instantly recognises what apps are being viewed on the smaller cover screen and instantly opens the same content on the larger screen when the device is fully opened.

You can also open up to three active apps simultaneously on the main display allowing the ability to surf the web, send a message and watch videos at the same time.

Other features coming to the Fold include six cameras, a Qualcomm 7nm 64-bit Octa-core processor, 12GB of RAM and a huge 4,380mAh battery.