Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released later this week (Image: SAMSUNG)

There’s a colossal week ahead for Samsung as the company will reveal its new Galaxy S10 smartphone on Wednesday.

This fully upgraded and refreshed device will be unveiled at Unpacked events which are taking place in San Francisco and London.

Although Samsung hasn’t officially confirmed what will be included on its new flagship there’s been a plethora of leaks that paint a pretty good picture of what’s to come.

So, if you are a Samsung fan here’s all you need to know about a release date, price, specs and whether this phone will a hit or giant miss.


Samsung is holding its Unpacked event on Wednesday, February 20 with the showcase expected to get underway at around 7pm GMT.

Although this new phone will be revealed to the world at the presentation, there’s no current word on when it will actually hit stores although one leak, from 91Mobiles, suggests fans will be able to get one from Friday March 8.


It’s almost certain that Samsung will reveal three new phones later this week.

Rumours suggest that the firm will lift the lid on a standard S10 alongside a cheaper S10e and larger S10 Plus.

The S10e will be a lower cost option but it looks likely to have less impressive features with the S10 Plus costing the most but also arriving with the biggest screen and fully-loaded specs.

Samsung Galaxy S10

How the S10 could look with a fully edge-to-edge screen (Image: 91MOBILES)


We don’t know for sure but it is claimed the prices for each variant will be as the following:

• Galaxy S10e, 128GB – £669

• Galaxy S10, 128GB – £799

• Galaxy S10, 512GB – £999

• Galaxy S10+, 128GB – £899

• Galaxy S10+, 512GB – £999

• Galaxy S10+, 1TB – £1,399

If true, that’s not cheap but it appears Samsung may launch the phone with a tantalising offer that could soften the blow for fans.

GalaxyClub recently claimed source code for the new flagship’s teaser page in Russia hinted the firm could be planning to give away free Galaxy Buds as a pre-order gift for the device.

Galaxy Buds are a pair of wireless headphones that have been rumoured to debut alongside the S10 on February 20.

Samsung Galaxy S10

How the phones could line up (Image: MOBILEFUN)


Why it could be a hit

All rumours point to the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus arriving with some serious upgrades which could include a fully edge-to-edge display, much faster processor and vast amounts of storage with some versions expected to get 1TB of internal memory.

A triple rear camera could also boost the photography credentials of the S10 with it capable of taking much better pictures in low light plus offer improved zoom and the ability to shoot images with a wide-angle lens.

New technology such as an embedded fingerprint scanner under the screen and reverse wirelessly charging could also help to add to its appeal.

We’re also expecting to see these phones arrive with larger batteries, quicker charging and more RAM.

If Samsung follows tradition, fans could also be treated to some stunning new colour options with silver, red, black and green looking the most likely.

Samsung Galaxy S10

An image may have revealed when the S10 will go on sale (Image: 91MOBILES)

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 could arrive in three sizes (Image: EVAN BLASS • TWITTER)

Why it could be a miss

Although the S10 will arrive with plenty of upgrades, recently leaked images show a device which looks very similar to the current S10.

If the pictures prove real, this new device will continue to get the curved display and similar glass design on the rear case.

With Samsung pushing the screen to every corner of the phonethere’s also the controversial decision to punch the front-facing selfie camera lens through the display.

We’ll have to wait and see how this looks in the flesh but we’re not sure it will be to everyone’s liking.

Finallythere’s the price.

The S10 could be seriously expensive with one model expected to push through the £1,300 barrier.

This is already bad for Samsung fans but the price is being highlighted further by a recent price cut from Huawei.

Their Mate 20 Pro, which includes many features expected to arrive on the S10, has just been dropped to £750 – a saving of £150.

With rival Android devices costing a lot less, Samsung may have an uphill struggle convincing fans to pay a premium for its new smartphone. will be at the Galaxy Unpacked event and will bring you all news live as it happens.