Galaxy Watch Active 2 retains a relatively similar design to its predecessor, however the device is available in a larger 44 millimetre case size in addition to a 40 millimetre.

The hardware comes with different shaped buttons on its side that are used to navigate Samsung’s Tizen operating system.

As shown in a promotional video, the device’s bezel can also be swiped to interact with it.

Just like previous Samsung wearables, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is designed to provide owners with notifications and deliver a swathe of health features.

The wearable is able to track walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming and more.

Samsung has touted the advanced capabilities of the Galaxy Watch Active 2’s heart rate sensor.

The firm said: “Monitoring your health is at the core of Galaxy Watch Active2 with a full eight photodiodes on the rear side of a new curved design that moulds to your wrist.

“Health monitoring keeps an eye on your heart rate and sends you an alert when it goes above or below normal levels.”

Galaxy Watch Active 2 also features what Samsung calls a “stress tracker” that should detect when an owner is feeling tense – the device will then suggest breathing exercises to help.

The South Korean tech powerhouse is also boasting of the device’s built-in smart assistant that allows users to control smartphone features such as a camera shutter.

Samsung explained: “Get a jump on life with a smart assistant on your wrist. Control your camera to enrich the shooting experience, view and like on social media, and translate on the go.

“Newly added On-going Icon displays running apps on the watch face for easy access, and you can even catch incoming calls with Wi-Fi.”

Samsung claims its newest product should be capable of lasting over a day “with normal use”, too.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in black, silver and gold colours – the South Korean tech giant is also selling a variety of bands to allow owners to customise the wearable further.

Samsung’s site has suggested the Watch Active 2 will come in Bluetooth-only and LTE models.

Galaxy Watch Active will cost from $279 in the United States.

Unfortunately, the firm’s site does not currently list any UK pricing for the hardware.