Gamefi+Financial Defi:SKF Full-Stack Metaverse Financial Protocol New Track

An important difference between the blockchain financial network and the existing system is that the network adds a fund settlement layer on the information layer to realize the synchronous flow of assets. With the asset layer, decentralized governance can be effectively realized. Governance requires rules and punishments. It is difficult to achieve governance independently in the simple exchange of information network, because it is difficult to achieve effective punishment for evildoing only by information.

SKF is the governance token of Sparks Of Fire. It is a community-based open source blockchain platform with global participation. It is the first in the industry to deeply integrate blockchain and edge computing. Share wealth with the community and promote the comprehensive development of digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and intelligent network. SKF is the core goal of empowering business entities and industrial revolution through blockchain as the core technology. All industries are pouring into the metaverse system to create a boundary between virtual and reality. SKF will lead mankind into the era of digital civilization.

The SKF full-stack Metaverse Financial Protocol is built using BSC and consists of a Solidity language-based decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and a web-side decentralized application (dApp). SKF proposes the Metaverse 4+N investment framework, from the underlying architecture, back-end infrastructure, front-end equipment, scene content and other directions, community-driven digital products, to build a decentralized economy, allowing players to control their decentralized economy. Things done in the open source world. By programming financial contracts, SKF reproduces a financial system on the blockchain, providing players with a variety of applications including stablecoins, lending, exchanges, derivatives, fund management, lottery, payment, insurance, etc.

These features of the SKF full-stack Metaverse Financial Protocol undoubtedly bring greater accountability and transparency to the transaction process, thereby helping to build a healthier financial system.

Compared with the traditional financial market, the current market size of DeFi is only in the initial stage of development. In view of the drawbacks that DeFi is currently limited to decentralized lending, SKF’s full-stack Metaverse Financial Protocol helps users realize a full range of financial activities in the field of digital currency finance, and achieves a credit rating that traditional finance cannot achieve through the decentralization of blockchain. , the characteristics of the digital asset chain that can be queried, traced, and cannot be changed, will enable the SKF platform to continue to expand and help more users with resources and needs.

The SKF full-stack Metaverse Financial Protocol Global Autonomous Community Alliance is a DAO autonomous alliance composed of a set of smart contracts. With the help of technologies such as cross-chain and decentralized exchanges, the Global Autonomous Community Alliance expands the DeFi application ecosystem. The organization realizes modern financial transformation of existing digital currency products through DAO voting rights, and improves the communication channels between existing physical finance and digital currency finance.

The future form of SKF’s full-stack Metaverse Financial Protocol is a digital central bank that realizes distributed autonomy, and forms a stable and self-evolving community-autonomous financial system that supports the full integration of online and offline finance.

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