Dark mode is the popular option for staring at screens, as it can invert colours on your device. Dark versions not only look incredible – they can extend battery life and are also easier on the eyes at night. The look is becoming an increasing-popular option, with Google Gmail now following apps including Google Calendar and Facebook Messenger incorporating the dark mode theme.

Google recently updated its mobile apps with the radical Material Theming design style.

This shift to the new Material Theme is necessary to implement the increasingly-popular dark mode themes.

Gmail, one of the most popular Google apps, finally has a dark theme on Android – but not all phones have it right away.

Express.co.uk has the low down on how to turn on this exciting feature.

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How to activate Gmail dark mode on Android:

Gmail users with Android 10 can activate dark mode with ease, automatically switching to the dark mode when you enable the system-level toggle.

In addition to this option, Google Gmail includes a manual light and dark toggle.

Gmail users with an older version of Android can manually convert Gmail to the dark dark via the settings.

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Android 10 will make its way to other Android phones besides the Google Pixel later this year.

Gmail’s dark theme uses a very dark grey rather than completely black, a colour some argue makes reading white text straining.

The inbox and most emails should use this same colour scheme.

One notable exception would be emails including HTML, which will probably still render with other colours, probably white.

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Several Google apps such as the dazzlingly white Play Store, however, still lack a dark theme.

Google Play is likely taking longer to convert due to the complexity of its icon-heavy interface.

Dark themes have been an eagerly-anticipated option for Android users because of the way Google has continually teased it.

The last few Android betas have included a dark theme that did not feature in the final version.

A glimpse of Gmail’s dark mode was teased two weeks ago, when the Google app received an update that made the splash screen and home screen widget black if you were using dark mode on Android Pie.

Finally, Android 10 finally has a real dark theme, only the latest example of Google apps picking up a dark theme that plugs into Android 10.

There is now almost a week from the release of Apple’s iOS 13 which will likewise finally bring a system-wide dark mode to iOS devices.

This is something Apple teased earlier this year in its iOS walkthrough.