Gmail is now the number one email platform in the world, with 1.5 billion of us exchanging information on a regular basis. One of the great things about Google’s suite of services is their seamless integration with each other. And adding an emailer to Google Contacts makes it available across all of your devices.

How to add an emailer to Gmail Contacts:

When someone sends a Gmail users an email for the first time, you can open a contact screen for that person.

It is then straightforward to enter the sender as a contact in your Gmail contacts.

First open a message from the sender you want to save as a contact in your Gmail address book.

Next move the cursor over the sender’s name in the email header.

Then select Add to Contacts on the Gmail pop-up pane.

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Users can click Edit Contact should they wish to add more information about this contact.

Then enter the sender’s name and any extra information you have for the person.

It is not necessary to fill in every field as this information can always be added at a later date.

The simply click Save to add the new contact, or just wait while Google saves the contact automatically.

Sending emails in the future will now be streamlined as Gmail adds the information from the contact card as soon as a name is entered.

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How to access the contact in Gmail:

You may now ready to edit or expand your Gmail contact’s information.

Begin by entering the contact’s name or email address in the Gmail search field.

Gmail auto-completion will should then select the contact.

If however Gmail does not auto-complete the contact, click the correct entry in the search results.

When the Contact Detail appears, select the pencil icon to edit the contact.

Then enter all of the desired changes or additions to the contact’s sheet.

There is the additional option to click More at the bottom of the contact screen to access additional fields.

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About Google Contacts:

When you enter a sender into Google Contacts, the information is automatically synced across all your devices.

This means the contact information is available wherever you are in the world and whatever device you use.

This is as long as the setting allows Contacts sync is activate on every devices.

Once you have a multiple entries, they can be organised as you wish.

And Google Contacts can create bespoke mailing lists to quickly send messages to groups of people.