Spam is annoying enough when it eludes AI email filters and clogs-up your inbox. Spammers have in recent years have been suspected of infiltrating the Google Gmail Calendar with fake promises of free iPhones and rapid weight loss methods. The issue takes advantage of the integration between the two Google services.

This allows calendar invitations to be sent by email – even by those unknown to Gmail users – and automatically added to their Google Calendar.

If this potential weakness was exploited, it could become possible for hackers to email a convincing fake Google Calendar invitation to a victim, which could well be clicked on.

These scam invitations could include malevolent links capable of stealing sensitive information, such as login details.

Forbes revealed the vulnerability was first revealed in 2017 by Black Hills Information Security researchers Beau Bullock and Michael Felch.

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How has Google confirmed a Calendar app security problem?

Silicon Valley giant Google now appears to be determined to tackle the Calendar security issue.

Google employee Lesley Pace wrote in a post-dated last week: “We’re aware of the spam occurring in Calendar and are working diligently to resolve this issue.

“We’ll post updates to this thread as they become available.”

This confirms Google recognises there is a problem and is committed to fixing it.

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The posting also includes a link to a page where users can learn how to report and remove spam.

This offers practical easy-to-understand advice for Google Calendar user.

Advice includes the ability to remove the automatic adding of events function from Gmail by arranging the Events from Gmail option so the Add Automatically box is unchecked

And users can also edit Google Calendar settings and altering the Event configuration from Automatically Add Invitations to Only Show Invitations.

A Google Cloud spokesperson told “Spam calendar invitations can include both unwanted and malicious content that deceive users, similar to spam email. 

“We are not aware of any security bugs due to the software itself.” 

The spokesperson assured Google is “constantly improving” its measures to safeguard users from “unwanted and malicious contact”. 

How to stop Google Calendar adding calendar invites automatically:

There are numerous methods to prevent Google from automatically adding Google Calendar invites, but this is the most straightforward.

Begin by visiting the Google Calendar Settings menu via the gear icon at the top right of the calendar page.

Now select Event Settings from the lefthand sidebar.

Then click the arrow side Automatically Add Invitations.

Choose No, Only Show Invitations to Which I Have Responded from the drop-down menu.

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