Google Gmail has become the standard for free email platforms, offering functions and tools many other programs only offer to paying clients. It is rare to just have a single email address anymore, with most people using an account for work and a personal one. The iOS Gmail app now allows users to add multiple email accounts, meaning you can switch to your other accounts with only a few clicks.

How to add another email account to the Gmail app:

Start by tapping the user icon in the app’s top-right corner and then select Add Another Account.

Remember, using can add accounts from several different email platforms, but the procedure for doing so might differ.

Next select Continue to confirm you want to add a Gmail account.

Users will then be invited to enter their email address and password. Then choose Next to continue.

Then access the inbox of the new account. Simply repeat these steps for all of the other accounts users want to add.

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How to access multiple accounts in Gmail for iOS:

Once new email accounts have been entered, users can easily switch between them at will.

It is as easy as tapping the user icon in the upper-right corner, then selecting the desired email address.

Doing so will send users to the inbox for the additional account.

While users can only search and read messages from one account at a time, the Gmail app badge aggregates the new messages in all configured accounts.

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Other popular Google Gmail features:

Gmail “stacks” and organises conversations into threads, meaning emails are grouped automatically according to the subject line, regardless of when the conversation was started.

Gmail offers a one-stop portal for calendaring, file storage, photo hosting, Youtube, blogging, financial advice, making it very simple to swiftly access many portals from a single interface.

Gmail boasts 10GB of email storage space, making it comforting to know that there is no pressing need to delete emails.

Composing a new Gmail email has many rich text features, offering the ability to incorporate stylish fonts, colours, indents, bullets, hyperlinks, emoticons, and pasting of photos directly into a emails.

Gmail also offers keystroke shortcuts to help speed-up your messaging. Press C to compose a new email, E to archive a message, and M to delete a conversation.

Gmail delivers messages very quickly, within 10 seconds of you pressing send, as opposed to Yahoo and GMX taking up to 30 seconds to five minutes.