In early 2022, Microsoft took over Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion in cash, incorporating games such as “Call of Duty” and “Candy Crush saga” making it the world’s third-largest game company, only second to Tencent and SONY.  It also triggers speculation whether monopoly will be formed in the game industry when tech giants take over game tycoons.

In fact, in the field of traditional games, the current “80-20 rule” is very obvious: the principal game company occupies the lion’s share of traffic. The traffic and product become centralized. Monopoly is almost shaped. Relatively speaking, small and medium-sized game developers are currently trapped into the high cost of attracting customers and limited profits. In addition, Channels for users to contact products channel are reduced; excellent and small production lacks exposure opportunities. The existence of these phenomena puts players in an increasingly disadvantageous position. Excessive centralization and monopoly make it difficult to guarantee the interests of players.  

Every upgrade or innovation in the game technology brings new opportunities and a new wave of rise, and the blockchain technology seems to bring the hope of a reshuffle in the game industry.  In addition to the unified entertainment, the blockchain technology introduces a token economy that allows players to create or reap digital assets in games, while also breaking the current monopoly of channels.  

Charles, who has more than ten years of experience in the game development, believes that “the current monopoly pattern of the game industry by channels and platforms, the short life cycle of games and user loyalty will be better resolved by the involvement of the blockchain technology.  We believe GameFi will represent the next era.”  

Charles, as one of the co-founders of God of War, one of the first Xianxia-related blockchain-styled games, used to work at Blizzard, where he was responsible for the design and release of the new version of WOW.  Later, he joined Microsoft Game Studio and was in charge of the Halo 5 project and won the Game of the Year award.  In 2019 when metaverse was not yet in the upsurge, he set up an excellent production team — Dynamic Funds, a young team composed of xianxia world enthusiasts, most of whom have been deeply engaged in the blockchain market and game market for years, had scored remarkable achievements.  Based on the experience amassed over the years, Dynamic Funds is determined to create their own space and time in the meta-metaverse for fans of the xianxia world around the world.  

The “God of War” project was launched in 2019. With the team’s resources in the game industry for many years, the development of the game was assisted by the original Blizzard architect and the 3D rendering technology of Microsoft Xbox Studio.  The project has maintained the highest standard of operation in the industry since the beginning. During this period, it has been recognized by the international capital market which injected capital to expand the game R&D team for several times.  God of War, as the Dynamic Funds team’s flagship project, has made its core framework of scalability and openness from the very beginning. The Dynamic Funds team’s goal is to make God of War more accessible to fans of the chivalrous culture.  

God of War, which the Dynamic Funds team invested a huge sum on for several years, is a massive AAA 3D MMORPG based on the popular xianxia world.  The whole game is home to more than 1000 characters & monsters, more than 30 pairs of world maps, more than 600 main tasks. Each role is burdened with their respective mission, completes the upgrade of skills and outfits through progressive missions along the way to combat, and therefore realize their chivalrous dream.

God of War boldly combines NFT with blockchain games to create a game filled with Chinese style. Players can not only experience the charm of the world of swordsman, but also experience more player rights brought by GameFi. All game assets are NFT to protect players’ rights and interests, so gaming goes with earning. In the track of blockchain games, God of War strives for innovation, striking a proper balance between gameplay and revenue, in a bid to maximize the uniqueness of blockchain games.

In God of War, players enjoy delicate game screens and gorgeous combat effects. Travel all over the world, collect thousands of changeable immortals, and powerful outfits; There are more exciting sword test conference, recipe for game instances, as well as challenges prepared for players! Peerless game setting is an unprecedentedly unique experience for players. Special skill display, charming characters, and combat quality have been elevated to a new level, thanks to Unreal Engine 3. With rich multiplayer interaction and diversified developing lines, players continue to grow rapidly in the war while feeling the unprecedented fun!

At present, the Dynamic Funds team has established strategic cooperation with well-known trade unions in many countries around the world and has in-depth cooperation in the GameFi field.  In the first quarter of 2022, Binance public chain launched the first phase of God of War, focusing on the game experience to present phenomenal works to users in the Era of GameFi 2.0, in order to truly realize P2E.  Phase II works will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2022, and we will cooperate with Marvel Comics, the world famous comic company, to create the Marvel Metaverse. Currently, we have obtained part of the copyright of Marvel Metaverse.  At the same time, the Dynamic Funds team has reach the consensus of cooperation with the Google VR R&D team to develop the exclusive VR device of the Dynamic Funds Metaverse to create a comprehensive experience of the xianxia world for users.  

The essence of xianxia is the chivalrous spirit, a yearning for a better and harmonious world. With the addition of NFT, the charm of God of War will be maximized. It will enable players to travel the world with swords in hands. It can be expected that God of War is going to take a big hit in the NFT game industry in the near future.  

The game God of War will be officially launched in the near future. Let’s look forward to it!

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