The Valorplates will become available to players through gameplay, and come as a single piece of armour instead of being broken down into individual collectible parts.

In total Godfall will feature 12 different Valorplates, including the lion-like god Silvermane which featured during the initial reveal at TGA 2019.

And ahead of the game’s big release date later this year, Gearbox and Godfall developers Counterplay Games have unveiled a further three new Valorplates.

At Gamescom Studio presented by IGN, footage was showcased of the Mesa, Typhon and Vertigo Valorplates.

Typhon appears to be a very speedy and agile character class that can use its dexterity to evade enemy attacks.

While Vertigo looks capable of dishing out extremely quick-fire, fast-paced attacks that can catch a foe off guard.