Google Home is the American tech giant’s connected home product line that comes in a number of varieties.

The standard Google Home, Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max are the firm’s more traditional smart speakers.

Meanwhile, the Google Home Hub is the Mountain View company’s first smart display.

The biggest difference between a smart display and a smart speaker is, as the name suggests, with the former’s implementation of a screen that can showcase contextual information.

All Google Home products come with the firm’s Assistant built-in, meaning users can ask the hardware a variety of different questions and can command it to perform tasks.

Typically, Google Home fans will have to say “hey, Google” or “okay, Google” in order to get the attention of the Assistant.

However, a new feature dubbed “Continued Conversation” has been released for UK owners that forgoes the need to keep uttering such a command.

Essentially, Continued Conversation allows the user to reply to the virtual helper after it has already given an answer to a question.

That means if you say “okay, Google” and ask for a weather report for the current day, after a forecast has been given, the user can say “what about tomorrow?” as a follow up question without having to repeat the first phrase.

With the new feature turned on, the Google Assistant will keep listening for a short period after it has delivered an answer in case the user has another question.

It is worth noting if the user wants to end their conversation with their smart product, they can say “I’ve finished”, “thank you” or “thanks, Google”.

Android Police was the first to note the arrival of the new feature in the UK.

Continued Conversation is already available in US markets.

In order to switch on the new feature, users should head to their Google Home smartphone app.

From there, they should head to their account and then press settings > Assistant tab > Continued Conversation.