Google Maps is the American tech giant’s navigation software that is available for Android smartphones, iOS devices and desktops.

The software habitually receives new upgrades that add increased functionality.

The latest of which brings the ability to report congestion on roads, as noted by 9to5Google.

Previously, Google Maps indicated traffic by highlighting roads in different colours; orange meant there was a slight delay while red meant users may face a significantly longer waiting period for instance.

The American tech giant is able to indicate where traffic has built up by gathering data from cars on the road.

However, such a method is not instantaneous, meaning the app would not redirect fans if there was congestion immediately.

The ability to report traffic appears intent on solving this problem and has been available for those using Waze for some time.

Essentially, if a number of Google Maps fans have reported there is congestion on the road, the software will be more likely to re-route users around it. was able to harness the new feature – a dialogue box with a plus sign inside of it provides access to it.

Once this has been pressed, users will have the option to report either a crash, mobile speed camera or congestion.

After the user has selected one of the three options, they will momentarily have the option to undo the action if would like to do so.

As is the case with many Google Maps updates, it is likely the new functionality will gradually roll out to Android fans.

It is unknown if the functionality is also arriving for iOS users.

The ability to report traffic is not the only feature from Waze that has arrived for Google Maps recently.

Back in January the software introduced the ability to see the position of speed cameras.

Google Maps now shows users if a route they have selected has any speed traps along the way.

If it does, the software will issue drivers with an audio cue as they approach the camera.