Most apps are extremely cheap to purchase, costing no more than a few dollars each. However, it’s quite difficult to track that spending if you’re buying multiple apps throughout a month. Google is supporting responsible spending, though, by introducing a budget feature for the Play store.

As Android Police reports, the new feature is currently being rolled out to Android smartphones and tablets. It can be accessed from Menu > Account > Purchase History on your device, where you’ll find a new “Set budget” option. Enabling the feature allows you to set an upper limit for your spend and then saves it for future reference and feedback.

If you want to change the budget amount, navigate back to Purchase History and tap “Edit budget,” or alternatively you can tap “Remove budget” to stop the expense tracking. With a budget set, though, every purchase made will result in a message appearing informing you how close you are to reaching your self-imposed limit.

For individuals who buy a lot of apps, this could turn out to be a really useful feature, especially if you’re trying to stick to a very tight budget from one month to the next. For everyone else, it’s a useful way of quickly seeing how much you’ve spent from one app purchase to the next. This is also achievable in the Purchase History menu option, which will provide full details of your spending.