Green Meta Prepares to Launch Global Public Beta, Paving the Way for Carbon Neutrality and Metaverse Integration

Tallahassee, CA – Green Meta, the leading meta-universe platform committed to achieving carbon neutrality, is poised to transform the digital landscape with its groundbreaking technology and economic systems. The platform’s highly anticipated global public beta launch on July 7 will usher in a new era of sustainable digital economies, empowering users to explore the seamless integration of carbon neutrality and the metaverse.

Green Meta, built on the robust L2 public chain Pantanal, offers unparalleled performance with its high TPS (transactions per second) and throughput capabilities. Leveraging the innovative and upgraded Pantanal public chain, Green Meta inherits the advantages of Ethereum while introducing exclusive “parallel chain” extensions for ecological applications. These extensions enable the issuance of application-specific tokens and serve as Gas Tokens, sharing the consensus and governance mechanisms of the Pantanal public chain. This solid foundation forms Green Meta’s business ecological map.

At the forefront of Green Meta’s mission lies the fusion of carbon neutrality and the metaverse, driving progress in environmental sustainability within the meta-universe ecosystem. Through a carbon-neutral token economy and pioneering NFT mechanisms, Green Meta encourages users to indirectly participate in environmental protection actions while earning rewards. By planting tree NFTs, users contribute to the carbon neutrality objective and acquire unique digital assets with intrinsic value. Green Meta is spearheading the path toward carbon neutrality in the metaverse, establishing a sustainable digital economy ecosystem for its users.

Additionally, Green Meta incorporates three key governance mechanisms: DAO governance, ecological governance, and economic governance. By implementing a DAO community incentive mechanism, Green Meta encourages community users to actively participate in carbon-neutral meta-universe ecological governance. Furthermore, a robust economic governance system ensures sustainable economic benefits for community members. The global open beta launch signifies the commencement of Green Meta’s first development phase, inviting global attention and widespread participation.

As a platform at the forefront of digital economy and metaverse integration, Green Meta actively seeks partners to collaborate in shaping the future of this transformative landscape. The global open beta offers users and partners a valuable opportunity to collectively shape the innovation and development of the digital economy and metaverse, setting the stage for Green Meta’s four-stage ecological blueprint.

In the first stage, users will experience high-level confidential identification and authentication through distributed digital identity (DID) technology. By entering the Green Meta Meta Universe DAO organization, users gain a unique digital human identity system and NFT assets, including Green Meta’s green trees and land. Users also acquire carbon energy, carbon index, carbon credits, carbon rights, and other certificates, fostering deep interaction and integration within the realms of NFT, DAO, carbon neutrality, and the meta-universe.

Building upon the development of the Green Meta Universe and DAO organization, the second stage will witness the gathering of a significant number of consensus users with influential brands and community foundations. During this phase, Green Meta will launch social scenes based on digital human interaction, engaging web3 games, the Meta Meta Environmental Protection Academy, and global environmental protection carbon-neutral public welfare initiatives. These commercial applications will fuel the development of the carbon-neutral meta-economy, establishing Green Meta as a leader in the digital economy era, promoting environmental preservation and carbon neutrality.

In the third stage, Green Meta will construct a blockchain-based carbon data center for enterprises, facilitating commercial applications. The platform will offer carbon data credit investigation scenarios, generating credible corporate carbon credit reports based on extensive carbon data management. These reports will serve as trustworthy assessments of enterprises’ low-carbon capabilities, effectively reducing carbon costs. Additionally, Green Meta will introduce a digital derivatives DEX (decentralized exchange), enabling trading of carbon assets, NFTs, carbon credits, carbon sinks, and carbon financial derivatives, providing liquidity for low-carbon value.

The fourth and final stage encompasses Green Meta’s collaboration with organizations and regions dedicated to “environmental carbon neutrality.” Drawing upon its community advantages, technological expertise, experience, and financial capabilities, Green Meta’s Meta-universe New World will deliver tailored meta-universe carbon neutrality solutions based on the specific conditions of participating organizations and regions. This collaborative effort will drive the carbon-neutral development of relevant countries and regions, ultimately improving quality of life and the environment.

Green Meta believes that the convergence of carbon neutrality and the metaverse presents unparalleled opportunities and possibilities. Join us in building a sustainable, greener, and interconnected future. Embrace Green Meta and become a pioneer in this new era, driving a global revolution in carbon neutrality and the metaverse.

About Green Meta:

Green Meta is a meta-universe platform focused on carbon neutrality and the integration of sustainable digital economies. Through innovative technology, economic systems, and the power of community, Green Meta aims to shape a green, sustainable future within the metaverse. For more information, visit

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