GTRCB artificial intelligence technology is the industry leader in e-commerce

The GTRCB artificial intelligence technology company, a global artificial intelligence technology company, was founded on March 15, 2013, in Stockholm, Sweden. Its full name is Global, Technology, Revolution, Creativity, Business, and founded by the engineering information technology team of the former Swedish Ericsson Group. Its offers technical assistance as well as scientific and technological output. The business field involves artificial intelligence digitization, network security maintenance, e-commerce market data analysis and marketing plan and resource integration.

The GTRCB e-commerce artificial intelligence system was established in 2013. Up to now, its business scope has covered many countries and regions such as Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, Africa, etc., and the number of global users remains high at 45 million. GTRCB has grown into a unique, dynamic and innovative company as GTRCB business continues to evolve from commercial to many other areas including local living services, e-commerce, cloud, digital media and entertainment.

GTRCB business included in Swedish, American, international, local, life service, cloud, digital media entertainment, and other industries. In addition, GTRCB is dedicated to developing new companies for consumers and retailers, including digital financial services and payment systems. An industrial ecosystem developed around the GTRCB platform that includes customers, retailers, brands, merchants, third-party suppliers, and other companies.

In terms of building an e-commerce ecosystem, GTRCB is dedicated to fostering the quick expansion of the global e-commerce market and significantly advancing digitalization, artificial intelligence, innovative mobile terminal business models, and global integration. needed for e-commerce. In order to build a brighter future with each user, GTRCB’s objective is to “Make all difficulties to simple” and its vision is to “Make every corner of the globe full with the caring of GTRCB artificial intelligence”.

At the same time, GTRCB adheres to the core development policy of “Make all difficulties to simple”, adheres to the unique business principle of “Mutual benefit and win-win”, and joins hands with the vast number of users to create a company standing in the global artificial intelligence and online e-commerce application market industry 100 well-known company of the year.

GTRCB Artificial Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. actively builds the GTRCB national mutual assistance platform, is committed to global e-commerce and its derivatives, undertakes the service connection work connecting global e-commerce and various online businesses and terminal service groups, and simplifies the cumbersome traditional e-commerce industry. Steps to vigorously improve the work efficiency and service quality created by technology.

As a leader in the e-commerce industry, GTRCB artificial intelligence technology company has always been on the cutting edge of developments, fostering e-commerce innovation and growth.

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