Hotmail was superseded by in 2013, offering an aesthetically-improved interface and increased options for emails management. Microsoft enables anyone with one of their accounts to use the identical credentials to create an Outlook email identity. But Hotmail is not completely obsolete as users can still create their own email account. Those without a Microsoft account can make a Hotmail account in moments, offering access to Outlook email, calendar, contacts and many other functions across Microsoft’s Outlook email platform.

How to create a Hotmail email account:

Start by visiting the Microsoft Outlook sign-up screen and click Create Free Account.

Next enter your preferred username, but remember your first choice may likely have already been taken.

Users who prefer a Hotmail domain can then select the box to the right of the username field to alter it from the default to

You will then be prompted to enter, then re-enter, a password.

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It is always important to select a password that is both easy to recall and impossible to guess.

Personal information such as your full name must be punched into the fields provided.

Outlook users must next choose your geographical region and enter their date of birth.

Then users should enter the characters from the CAPTCHA image – figures that appear as distorted letters and numbers.

By following these simple instructions, users can now create a new Outlook email.

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How to delete a Hotmail email account?

Users will first need to sign in to your Hotmail, Windows Live or Outlook account.

They should the visit account settings. Click Security and click More Security Options.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Close My Account.

A series of instructions on how to close your account will then appear.

Once you have read all of this, verify your account and the process will start.