If you’re bored of the iconic blue home screen when switching on your Sky Q box then there is a very simple way to change things up a bit. Heading into the settings you can find what Sky calls a “High Contrast” mode which changes the rich blue to a deep black colour.

It’s a bit like the Dark Mode we’ve grown to love on our smartphones but this setting offers more than just a fancy new appearance on your telly.

Sky has actually included this High Contrast mode to help those who are visually impaired as the black background and white copy makes it much easier for some users to see than the usual blue.

As the firm explains on its help page, “We want as many of our amazing shows and movies to be as accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why all our Sky boxes come with a range of accessibility settings and features. You can increase the contrast on your Sky Q box to make things easier.”

If you want to give High Contrast mode a try, here’s how to enable it:

• Press Home on your Sky Q remote and select Settings.

• Select Accessibility, then High contrast and change the setting from Off to On.

• Press Dismiss to return to live TV.

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Along with this mode to help people read what’s on the screen, Sky has also just announced the introduction of improved voice guidance.

With this clever update enabled you will hear spoken descriptions of the menu you’re currently navigating, the option you’ve selected and how you can easily get to your favourite shows and movies.

Sky says that Voice Guidance works in tandem with Voice Search and existing Sky Q accessibility features to make Sky Q even more accessible and enjoyable for all customers.

To activate Voice Guidance, simply says “Voice Guidance On” or “Voice Guidance Off” into your Sky Q voice remote.

These useful upgrades are also joined by an improvement that many Sky fans have been waiting for.

That’s because the TV firm is finally making Disney+ a much bigger part of the whole Sky Q experience.

The update will mean you’ll soon be able to use the voice search function on your remote to find blockbuster shows on Disney+. That means a quick tap on the remote and uttering the words “WandaVision” should instantly reveal this show and all of its episodes.

Another bonus is that you will no longer need to dig into the Disney+ app to get the content you want to view with everything appearing on your TV in a more seamless way – it’s now very similar to the experience Sky Q users get when searching for Netflix content and it’s a hugely welcomed update.

Speaking about the updates,