Instagram is down again in Europe, according to users of the popular messaging app, some of whom are seeing 5xx server error messages.

Recent reports indicate that Instagram servers are down across Europe, while users in the United States are also confirming problems.

One user writes: “So we’re all addicted lol. I guess I have no excuse to keep procrastinating now.

While another adds: “Instagram is down here in Barbados… guess this is worldwide. I hope it is back up cause I use it for my business and that costs money.”

There’s currently no clear ETA on when Instagram servers will be back online.

The good news is that small server issues are not rare with Instagram and are usually fixed relatively quickly.

There have been much larger outages that have caused Instagram to go offline for several hours, sometimes days for some users.

Instagram has yet to share an update on today’s outage and will probably not say much unless the servers remain offline for some time.