Instagram is down along with core services for Facebook not working tonight.

That’s according to user reports tonight that show problems with logging into both services.

Other issues include being able to sign in but then not being able to upload new images, or use calling and messenger functions.

So far there has been no confirmation from Facebook on whether there are server issues tonight, or if maintenance is being conducted.

One user reports: “Down in New York City – error screen occurred at 4:15pm Easter Time – right in the middle of typing a comment to someone.”

Another Instagram user posts: “Instagram calls aren’t working, my messages aren’t sending even though my Internet is perfectly fine.”

The good news is that while new reports are coming in, it appears that problems might be dropping off.

Other users are saying that both their Instagram and Facebook accounts are coming back online following error messages.

There has been no mention online on what might causing tonight’s outages or how long they might be down for.

But if this does snowball into a larger issue, some kind of report will be expected from Facebook.

Outage in the past have seen both services taken offline for hours; however, these remain pretty rare occurrences.