Intelligent Property Management Expert YANG Long: Intelligent Technology Empowers Property Management

Reporter: WANG Xuan

In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent technology has penetrated into all aspects of the economy and society, ranging from industrial transformation and upgrading to people’s daily life, showing the convenience and changes brought by advanced technology everywhere. As an important part of the economy, the property management industry is closely related to people’s lives, and it has entered a new stage of development under the guidance of the light of science and technology. Through the deep integration and innovative application of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data, traditional property management has entered the era of intelligence, providing new development momentum for the transformation and upgrading of the industry.

Under the new opportunities and background of industry development, a large number of outstanding representatives have emerged in the property management industry. They may be unknown to the public, and they use their hard work and efforts to deliver caring and high-quality service experience to the public; or they are painstakingly dedicated, exploring the path and direction for the development of the industry with professional knowledge and experience; or they are pioneering and innovative, with strong scientific research strength and achievements to contribute cutting-edge and intelligent technology products to society. As a leader in the intelligent property management industry, Mr. YANG Long is the most prominent representative of this team. With a profound knowledge reserve, rich experience of industry management and advanced ability of technology R&D, Mr. YANG is a rare high-end composite talent in the property management industry. He takes charge of the overall situation of the industry, gives full play to technological advantages, and actively explores the path of leapfrog development for enterprises. In July 2016, after the development and growth of Wuhan Lianxiang Property Development Co., Ltd. under his leadership, he did not stop there and resolutely chose to set up a new company in Australia, adding a new demonstration for the development of the industry with mature management experience, modern property management model and advanced technological achievements.

Based on his in-depth understanding of the development of modern technology, his deep understanding of the pain points and difficulties in the property management industry, and his deep understanding of the future development direction of the industry, Mr. YANG Long always regards innovation as the first driving force and key core to support the development of the enterprise in grasping the strategic development goals and realistic management of the enterprise. He believes that the key to the transformation and upgrading of property management lies in the proportion of modern intelligent technology in property management. The integration of intelligent technology into modern property management will bring about a new round of industry innovation in modern intelligent property management. Therefore, focusing on technology R&D, he is determined to promote the deep integration of big data, Internet of things, automation and intelligent technology and industry practice, so that advanced technology can empower the development of the property management industry. The “Modern Property Intelligence Management System Based on Big Data V1.0”, “Property Management Monitoring and Management System Based on IoT V1.0”, “Real Estate Project Engineering Cost Evaluation System Based on Dynamic Data Deep Mining V1.0” and “GIS-based Engineering Safety Dynamic Monitoring System V1.0”, these advanced technology crystals are all from the hands of YANG Long, which are second to none in the intelligent property management and construction industry nowadays, have been widely used to promote the development of technology, informationization, intelligence and modernization of property management, creating great social and economic values. Mr. YANG Long uses intelligent achievements to inject vitality into application enterprises, and also brings technological innovation and change to the industry. Therefore, he is also known as “the first person in the research and development of intelligent property management technology” in the industry.

Take his self-developed the “Modern Property Intelligence Management System Based on Big Data V1.0” as an example. The system is based on big data technology, including owner information storage module, property general control module, big data module, data processing module, data receiving module, risk rating module, etc. Through the collection of massive property management information, real-time data information, and a large number of owner information, it provides users with comprehensive, accurate and visualized management data and various property management solutions for different management needs, service requirements, owners’ demands, and functional needs. The system has effectively improved the safety, management standardization, service experience and space comfort of the application area, allowing intelligent technology products to enter the life of the public and benefit the general public, achieving a win-win situation for both social value and economic benefits. In addition, Mr. YANG Long also has a lot of research on the technology of the real estate industry. For example, another technology developed by him, the “Real Estate Project Engineering Cost Evaluation System Based on Dynamic Data Deep Mining V1.0”, has made a significant contribution to promoting the intelligent development of the industry. Compared with the traditional engineering cost evaluation system, the “Real Estate Project Engineering Cost Evaluation System Based on Dynamic Data Deep Mining V1.0” innovatively adopts the integration of real estate GIS evaluation and spatial dynamic data mining technology, which the reading and processing of large amounts of data, makes perfect use of the advanced and practical nature of GIS technology, and minimizes the workload and difficulty of the user’s own operation. It also maintains the flexibility of external dynamic data mining and significantly improves the efficiency of project cost evaluation. It is one of the most advanced project cost evaluation systems. The successful R&D of this technology not only marks that the technology R&D of the construction industry has reached a new height, but also will bring new ideas and new directions of technology R&D in various fields where GIS is applicable.

At present, the two technologies have been applied by many enterprises and achieved gratifying results. They have won unanimous acclaim and praise from experts and peers in the industry, and have accumulated a high industry reputation and influence. According to the introduction of the companies applying the two technologies, the “Modern Property Intelligence Management System Based on Big Data V1.0” and “Real Estate Project Engineering Cost Evaluation System Based on Dynamic Data Deep Mining V1.0”, these two systems have shown advantages over other similar technologies in practical application since their introduction, bringing considerable economic and social benefits to the company’s daily work. They are outstanding technical achievement with intelligence, specialization and informationization, which will surely be promoted in a large scale in the industry in the future and help the innovative development of intelligent property management and real estate industry. In the face of external praise, Mr. YANG Long said: “The core value of intelligent technology lies in empowerment, becoming a tool to promote upgrading of industrial technology and a new engine to lead economic increase. In the future, I will continue to focus on the innovative development of intelligent property management and real estate. Through cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence technologies, I will build a systematic intelligent support platform to further promote the implementation of intelligent technology in the property service industry, so that users can enjoy an elegant life more freely.”

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