Introduction of UnlimtedGold Trading Platform

 UnlimtedGold ( established in April 2020. The company is registered in the United States. It has more than 500,000 registered users worldwide, more than 50,000 registered users in Japan, and a maximum of 200,000 daily active users on the platform. Daily trading more than $100 million. UnlimtedGold is user-oriented and deeply listens to the voice of the community. At present, UnlimtedGold has received institutional investment from Genesis Capital, Dubai Consortium, and Mist Technology.

UnlimtedGold is a trading platform dedicated to blockchain assets created by a group of digital asset enthusiasts. Provide users with more secure and convenient blockchain asset exchange services, aggregate global high-quality blockchain assets, and strive to build a world-class blockchain asset trading platform.

Safe and Stable

Multi-layer, multi-cluster system architecture

High performance

High-performance matching engine technology up to 1.4 million orders per second

High liquidity

Rich resources and numerous partners provide liquidity to the platform

Multilingual support

Provide a variety of mainstream language support worldwide

Multi-currency support

BTC, ETH, etc. (fiat currencies are not supported)

Different from other traditional exchanges, UnlimtedGold has established a more liquid, richer and multi-level Token community based on the precipitation of its own community, and has a unique mining incentive feedback mechanism to return the ecology to a dynamic balance. Status, transaction is mining mode, which means that in the future, more than half of Tokens will be rewarded to UnlimtedGold community users in the form of fee mining.


Features of UnlimtedGold Trading Platform

In the UnlimtedGold ecosystem, users who hold UnlimtedGold can enjoy the appreciation of UnlimtedGold coins, asset appreciation, platform income rebates, supervision, voting and other series of rights and interests. UnlimtedGold rewards 51% of UnlimtedGold tokens to users who contribute to the liquidity of the system through “transaction mining, holding currency rebates”. The platform rewards UnlimtedGold community users through the mining incentive mechanism.

One-stop service

UnlimtedGold integrates the world’s top industry resources and is committed to building a digital asset full circulation platform. Supported by senior industry experience, UnlimtedGold provides project parties and investors with one-stop services such as token issuance, trading, and fixed deposits. Digital assets circulate efficiently and safely within the platform.


With rich experience in the digital asset industry, the UnlimtedGold technical team has created an exclusive top security risk control system and anti-DDOS attack system. UnlimtedGold adopts a security design based on multi-signature, offline signature, layered architecture, etc., and stores the platform’s digital assets in cold wallets, escorting every investor in the most critical link.

Super node, strong community support

As an enabling ecology, UnlimtedGold has endowed all blockchain enthusiasts with the huge energy generated by the blockchain, condensed all node forces to invest in the all-round reform of ecological construction, and obtained a new direction that adapts to market development. Promote the healthy development of the blockchain industry and coexist with it under a strong community consensus.

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