Some mobile networks charge extra for this, while others bundle it as part of the current offering – so you might already be equipped to take advantage of the broadband-beating speeds when the iPhone 12 and pricier iPhone 12 Pro arrive in a few weeks time. There’s no doubt that 5G should make scrolling through websites and playing games feel far smoother and completely stutter-free.

This high refresh rate has been available on the iPad Pro for a while and it would make sense for the iPhone to follow with a similar technology – something that will also make the entire experience feel faster and less stuttery.

Other extras coming to these iPhone 12 devices may include bigger batteries, faster processors and an improved camera with a LiDAR scanner. For those who don’t know, LiDAR measures the distance to surrounding objects up to five meters away. It’s the same technology used by Tesla to help its vehicles drive themselves and was also used by NASA for its Mars Rover. So, it’s pretty accurate.