Apple’s big September event is right around the corner, starting at 5 pm UK time on September 10. Every September the brand introduces their latest and greatest smartphone models, while there’s a good chance we’ll see potential Apple Watch or Mac additions too.

With a new iPhone coming, deals can be found on plenty of older models. We’ve sifted through comparison sites and mobile networks to find the best deals for you.

iPhone 8

Despite being upstaged somewhat by the iPhone X at its initial reveal, it’s the iPhone 8 that had the last laugh – the X was discontinued to make room for the XS. We dug up two excellent deals for Apple users not quite ready to let go of their home buttons just yet.

iPhone 8 – 45GB of data, £35 per month, £50 upfront cost

45GB of data may seem like overkill (and it may be for many), but this will allow plenty of music, movies, or YouTube streaming on your commute, or simply all the social media you can handle. This offer comes from O2.

iPhone 8 – 30GB of data, £37 per month, no upfront cost

If you’re looking to spend less upfront and get through less data, then this could be the deal for you. There’s still 30GB to play with, but you won’t have to pay anything for the device upfront. This is another O2 offer.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR may have a lower price point than the XS, but it’s still an excellent device. It offers an edge to edge display, with an excellent camera and great battery life – perfect for a long train journey.

iPhone XR – 90GB of data, £43 per month, £75 upfront cost

90GB of data is bordering on “all you can eat” territory, but this is an excellent deal for a phone that’s only one year old – especially when that display is made for media.

iPhone XR – 5GB of data, £37.99 per month, no upfront cost

A much smaller amount of data but no upfront cost might make this a little more palatable for your budget. 5GB might be all you need, after all. 

iPhone 6S

Despite its age, the iPhone 6S is still a great device – particularly for kids heading off to school, or as a spare device. And thanks to its age, we found an incredible deal.

iPhone 6S, 2GB of data, £20 per month, £29.99 upfront cost

A perfect amount of data for your little ones, or just in case of emergencies, all for just £20 a month with a smaller upfront cost. Not bad at all.

iPhone 11

We may not know what the iPhone 11 is going to look like or which features it’ll have (or even if it’ll be called iPhone 11!) but you can register your information for up to date news by clicking here.

We’ll have coverage of the Apple keynote next week courtesy of Tech Editor Dave Snelling who will be in attendance in Cupertino. Stay tuned for our impressions of whatever Apple has up its sleeve.