IZ Capital Officially Launched Fixed Coupon Notes in Great Eastern Market

IZ Capital, a global investment firm, officially launched FCN or Fixed Coupon Notes in the Great Eastern investment market. According to the IZ Capital team, within only three months of FCN’s launch in the European market, the total amount of investment in the equity-based structured notes has reached 60 million US dollars. They added that FCN has been fully recognized by the market and the response has been enthusiastic.

According to the IZ Capital team, the launch of this high-end financial product has brought mutual achievement and win-win effect to the benefit capital and stock investment market. IZ Capital’s user base adds a certain flow advantage to FCN, thereby stabilizing the fluctuations brought about by the stock market, bringing greater investment service space for the subsequent gradual expansion of the Chinese investment market.

As a fledgling fixed-term bill that has just come out, IZ Capital’s FCN has brought a lot of surprises to the stock investment market with its countertrend return. The original supporting business of IZ Capital was binary options and foreign exchange trading. The careful preparation and planning by the management of IZ Capital has re-improved and circumvented the specifications of the existing high-end financial FCNs and realized the opportunity for investors to increase wealth in a low-risk and stable manner. This has laid a solid foundation for the steady development of IZ Capital, and it has also become a moat for the development of its own FCN.

With its next plan, IZ Capital will make full efforts to enter the Great Eastern investment market and the rest of Asia-Pacific as scheduled in the fourth quarter of this year. IZ Capital will gather a variety of FCN investment activities for investors to participate in, so that everyone can relax and enjoy the profitability brought by the stock market. The gradual stabilization of the economies of various countries through the promotion of COVID vaccinations, the global stock market will usher in positive effect. At that time, the potential of FCN will be greatly enhanced, and it will inevitably attract a large amount of capital injection and drive the stock market, the IZ Capital team believe.

According to them, the best way to keep track with the rest of the world is to continuously improve oneself. Therefore, IZ Capital will not stop at the innovation of FCN, but will strive to create better financial products for the investment markets. The IZ Capital team firmly believes that FCN will be able to play the value of a successful model in the field and act as a vane in the stock investment market.

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