JIN SHA Kong Gu Group To Invest $2 Billion In The UAE Finance, E-Commerce, And Real Estate Industries

JIN SHA Kong Gu Group, a large-scale international asset allocation management investment institution committed to concentrating and integrating advantageous resources, accelerating the development of industrial integration, and promoting the rapid economic development of the investment regions, is going to make strategic investments worth $2 million in the UAE.

The UAE is an economic power in the Middle East. The UAE’s Internet penetration rate has reached more than 90%. It is the most mature e-commerce cradle and incubator in the Middle East. The average annual growth rate of its e-commerce development is as high as 25%. It has a good location advantage and Policy support has attracted many large international e-commerce platforms to lay out and seize the market, including many international giants and discerning multinational capital groups. This has also prompted the UAE to quickly become a growing global destination for cross-border industries.

According to the external disclosure of JIN SHA Kong Gu Group, the group plans to radiate the Middle East and North Africa, with Dubai as its core from 2021, integrate advantageous resources, set up special funds, and invest $2 billion in finance, entertainment, e-commerce, real estate in UAE, etc. Among them, the promotion and support of the cross-border e-commerce industry chain is an important part of the group’s regional cooperation and development strategy, which will create an information highway for the continuous transformation and leap-forward development of the entire UAE’s real economy in the next three to five years.

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