Kickstarter Campaign for CALF 3D VR180 Camera Concluded with All Rewards Delivered to the Early Investors

On November 30, 2023, Singapore-based technology company CALF completed delivering its professional 3D VR180 cameras to all backers who participated pre-sell crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. As the company rewarded its early investors with discounted professional cameras, a surge in the creation and sharing of content using the camera proliferated across various social platforms. The CALF VR camera received heaps of praise from the technology community and general users. According to the owners of the company, it stands out as one of the most cost-effective VR cameras of 2023.

“2023 marked a great year in the field of VR technology. With the release of blockbuster products such as Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, VR has taken the tech world by storm. As a new unicorn brand in the field of VR, we stands proudly as the world’s premier 3D VR camera and short video brand, offering 3D VR shooting technology, 3D VR beautification editing technology, and 3D VR content platform services. The CALF 3D VR180 camera, our flagship high-tech VR product, gained 203 supporters on Kickstarter and raised 2+ million yuan, marking a complete success. As a cost-effective VR camera accessible to third-party developers, CALF has greatly reduced the entry barrier for VR cameras. This breakthrough has enabled the large-scale production of VR180 content and live broadcasting, introducing new entertainment experiences to our users,” said a senior executive of the company.

With its unique technology and design, the CALF 3D VR180 camera enables users to capture broader, more realistic scenes and brings an immersive visual experience. The camera supports three modes of photography, video recording, and live broadcasting. It is equipped with an exclusive 185° FOV, a large binocular fisheye lens with a diameter of up to 34 mm, and the most comfortable 65 mm pupil distance for the human eye to achieve high-definition imaging. Two Sony IMX577 sensors enable the camera to output 6K@50fps high-definition VR180 video and 8K high-definition photos.

“Thanks to the success of VR cameras, the CALF VR App has attracted a substantial influx of new users on PICO and QUEST in a short period. Following its debut in Chinese and global PICO stores, the camera became a top favorite among users. The CALF VR user community has flourished across various social channels, including Facebook, Discord, WeChat, QQ, and more. These groups will connect VR fans and professionals in the days to come,” added the executive.

The CALF believes that short videos, especially VR short videos, remain as a killer application in the era of spatial Internet. The CALF VR is positioned to spearhead the trend of VR short videos, as the VR version of TikTok begins to gain currency.

They said that with the continuous progress of technology and the growth of market demand, the VR industry will usher into a broader scope for development. CALF will actively seize this opportunity and launch more high-quality and high-performance VR products, and bring users a more immersive virtual reality experience.


CALF has a store ( in Shopify with VR cameras being on hot sale.

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