Larix Doubles Mining Rewards and Token Price Jumps 30%

The bear market will be a long and tedious journey for investors, but for those teams committed to continuing building and improving, now is the perfect time to follow their hearts and polish their products. At the starting point of the last bull market, DeFi has formed the foundational infrastructure of the crypto market and will continue to create value for crypto users in the future.

As a bull supporter of the Solana ecosystem, the Larix team has always adhered to their original aspirations and responded to the market with action. Larix will hold a 3-day dual mining event.:

From 8:00 (UTC) on June 20th to 8:00  (UTC) on June 23rd, all users who deposit and/or borrow on Larix during the event will earn double LARIX rewards. 

The price of LARIX tokens also rose by up to 30% in one day. Larix will launch a series of product updates and marketing activities in the future to continue to provide users with better services.

Larix, the safest lending platform on Solana, adheres to strict risk control and maintains sufficient liquidity. As a fully decentralized on-chain protocol, Larix is ​​also the only lending platform that does not charge a ‘trading fee’, which is transparent and reliable. Larix always reminds users to maintain healthy and safe positions, and actively takes methods to protect users from being liquidated.  Thanks to strict and reasonable risk management, Larix’s various product data, such as liquidity, capital utilization rate, and liquidation risk coefficient, are very healthy. In addition, Larix has also launched an isolation pool launchpad, which completely isolates potential risks while activating the liquidity of long-tail assets, and continues to empower the Solana ecosystem. 

Lastly, Larix is ​​also a lending platform with the lowest borrow APY for mainstream tokens, namely USDC/USDT, on Solana. We provide Solana users with low-cost, flexible, and convenient yield and collateral services. Larix has 18 investment institutions and SlowMist audits that allow more and more users to choose the Larix platform to deposit and borrow assets, especially in an unstable bear market environment.

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