Latest Amazon Fire TV Stick update will frustrate millions of UK users

Amazon has just confirmed a massive upgrade to its Fire TV Sticks which is bringing a swathe of extra shows, movies and sporting action directly into living rooms. The huge boost is all thanks to a major update to the firm’s Fire TV Channel app which originally launched back in May. This platform, which is available via the home screen, will now feature content from over 400 premium providers and the best part is… it’s totally free to watch everything that’s included.

Amazon is promising that its Fire TV Channel will feature thousands of live and on-demand videos across news, sports, entertainment, cooking, travel and gaming.

Explaining more, Amazon said in its Fire TV Blog: “We’ve made finding something great to watch easier than ever with the Fire TV Channels app. Fire TV Channels bring all your favorite content into one destination with easy-to-browse categories and curated playlists for any interest.

“Fire TV Channels is available on Fire TV devices — no downloads, sign-ups, or fees required.”

Firms that have signed up for the new app include ABC News, CBS Sports HQ, MLB, Fox Sports, NHL and GoTraveler with Amazon saying that more providers could join in the future.

It all sounds pretty exciting for anyone with a Fire TV Stick but before you rush to cancel your Sky contract there is a problem.

Right now, the Fire TV Channel is only available in the US meaning those customers on this side of the pond are going to miss out.

It’s unclear if Amazon will bring this update to more screens across the globe in the future but there’s no confirmation of a bigger rollout at the moment.

“Fire TV Channels is available on Fire TV devices in the US,” Amazon confirmed. If you do happen to be heading stateside then you’ll find all of the new content by pressing the Home button on your Alexa Voice remote. Then scroll down to find content rows labelled Fire TV Channels, and click a content tile for immediate playback. Or go to the Free icon in Fire TV’s navigation bar.

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