Latest ForecastWatch ranking released: Moji Weather tops the world in forecast accuracy in China

ForecastWatch, the world’s premier weather forecast monitoring and assessment company, recently announced results of a forecast accuracy assessment in February, which involved global meteorological companies in China. Moji Weather surpassed internationally renowned meteorological service providers to rank no. 1 in comprehensive forecast accuracy for one-three days in China. In addition, the highest forecast accuracy of high temperature and wind speed was achieved in February’s assessment. This is the first Chinese company that wins the top position in such kind of assessment, creating a new history. ForecastWatch has a great say in weather forecast monitoring and assessment. In 2003, ForecastWatch published the largest ever findings report on public weather forecast accuracy and has since then become a trustworthy assessor of weather forecast accuracy. ForecastWatch has established a database supported by ground observation stations around the world, calculated the accuracy of global commercial meteorological companies and published accuracy rankings to ensure assessment objectivity.

Latest ForecastWatch ranking released: Moji Weather tops the world in forecast accuracy in China

Twenty-two meteorological companies worldwide were involved in the latest ForecastWatch accuracy assessment. In terms of comprehensive forecast accuracy in China, namely forecast accuracy of high temperature, low temperature, rain or shine and wind in China area, for one-three days, Moji Weather surpassed a number of meteorological giants and won the first place. This is the first time that a Chinese company tops a global assessment of weather forecast accuracy. For Moji Weather, this marks a historic breakthrough in hard strength besides meteorological services. This also presents the result from the company’s unremitting efforts to overcome difficulties in meteorological technology.

Reportedly, Moji Weather has adopted advanced machine learning and AI technologies to integrate terrain and climate characteristics of China into the forecast algorithm. And the forecast accuracy in China can be improved by that. The no. 1 position of Moji Weather in the comprehensive ranking is ascribed to the company’s massive meteorological data and social observation data accumulated for dozens of years, which provide a sufficient data base for the training of Moji forecast models. In addition, researchers and meteorological experts of Moji Weather have worked closely to process the accumulated data and sort out relevant characteristics, which can support the training of models. Furthermore, Moji Weather has formed an operation team responsible for forecasting future weather, especially extreme weather, and making corresponding adjustment of weather forecast strategies, for continuous monitoring, operation and optimization of forecast accuracy. At the same time, Moji Weather has conducted real-time monitoring of forecast accuracy so that highly accurate and stable weather forecast products can be provided to the customers.

Moji Weather’s capture of the no. 1 position in the ForecastWatch ranking after beating several international giants manifests the company’s core competence in accurate weather forecasts for years and marks the beginning of a journey for China’s meteorological service brand towards the world’s first class. In pursuit of its vision to “To Be the Leading Meteorological Service Enterprises in the World”, Moji Weather will constantly enhance innovation in meteorological technology and make its forecasts more accurate. On that basis, Moji Weather provides more elaborate meteorological services by launching “Weather-related pain”, “allergy forecast”, “flowering forecast” and other weather products for different groups of people. Through accurate forecasts and elaborate services, Moji Weather will boost the high-quality meteorological development, create more economic value for thousands of industries and establish a Chinese brand of meteorological services in the international market.

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