The size of on-screen controls has been increased, labels make audio and subtitle options easier to change, and there’s new forward and back 10-second buttons. Jumping to the next episode of your favorite show is now quicker, too.

Netflix mobile previews

Watching content on smaller screens usually works well until you have to interact with the tiny interface and frustrating mis-taps on your touchscreen. Netflix decided to minimize these frustrations in its latest iOS app update by focusing on navigation controls.

As 9to5Mac reports, version 11.12.0 of the Netflix app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV improves upon navigation in a number of ways. First of all, the size of the controls have been increased so as to offer larger play/pause buttons. There’s also new labels allowing for quick and easy selection of Episodes or to toggle audio options and subtitles being displayed.

For navigating within an episode or movie, Netflix introduced new forward and back 10-second buttons. But rather than just relying on buttons, Netflix added the ability to double-tap the left or right side of the screen to trigger the same jumps.

We may be used to it on our Smart TVs, but Netflix on iOS just got a “Next Episode” button, so it should be much quicker to jump to the next episode of a show as you come to the end of the one before. Binge watchers will be happy, although Netflix would rather you weren’t called that.

The app update is timely as the wind down starts to happen for Thanksgiving and there’s much greater demand for some distracting entertainment until the end of the weekend. Netflix’s biggest competition for viewers is going to be Amazon’s streaming service, but Google is attempting to grab our attention with some very tempting Google Play deals this week.