Leading Financial Analysts Shape Minsheng Securities’ Core Business Competencies

Reporter:QIN Shubai  

IPO is the trump business of Minsheng Securities Investment Bank, which has obvious advantages in professionalism and service quality. Over the years, Minsheng Securities Investment Bank has helped more than 70 enterprises realize IPO, and its service has involved in many industries. By the end of 2019, Minsheng Securities listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board ranked fifth in the industry in terms of underwriting and sponsorship revenue, injecting even more vitality into the company’s IPO business. In 2019, the number of IPO enterprises sponsored by Minsheng ranked ninth in the industry, and the sponsorship income ranked eleventh in the industry. At the same time, as of December 2019, Minsheng Securities has reported that the IPO project under review ranks third in the industry. For several consecutive years, the number of IPO sponsors and income of the company is in the forefront of the industry, showing quite stable business ability. In 2020, the new refinancing regulations officially landed, the market scale will be increased or returned to the trillion level.

An important factor for Minsheng Securities’ success is that it has a group of top financial analysis talents, among which DING Guisheng, a financial analysis expert, is an outstanding representative. DING Guisheng works in the Business Group of Quality Control Department of Minsheng Securities Investment Bank. He graduated from University of Wollongong in Australia with a master’s degree in finance. Since he started his career, Mr. DING Guisheng has been able to make breakthroughs in the field of business strategy and financial analysis and has achieved numerous successes. Today, DING Guisheng works for Minsheng Securities, one of the earliest established securities firms in China, where he works with an elite team to provide the most professional financial services to many clients around the world.

(DING Guisheng – the fourth one)

Core competencies are the capital of a company that stands proud in the market. In fact, core competencies and risks are also two sides of the same coin. It is also the main function of the sponsor company & the project investigation and analysis team to analyze the IPO aspects of the proposed listed company and the related verification work to determine whether there are risks in the project, etc..

DING Guisheng said that the environmental complexity of the domestic capital market is deepening day by day, and every listed company needs to consider many factors when taking every step. Only by providing financial analysis and due diligence services to different customers that are superior to our peers, we can stand out. Maintaining diversity in services will enable us to remain competitive. Keeping pace with market trends is the way we try to position ourselves, so we have always maintained our leading position in the industry. There are three aspects of risk for listed companies: the first is the stability of the core management team. The second is financial risk, such as if the company have a high gearing ratio, after listing, the speed of company ability of development and the growth of the company’s net profit will be slowdown. The listed company has to raise funds and invest in new projects, and the depreciation of its fixed assets will also lead to a decline in profits. The third is the risk of intangible assets of enterprises. For example, the new technology of the company is not mature enough to be industrialized, and even the old technology has been eliminated, which will make the competitiveness of the company face a severe test after listing.

With his keen sense of financial market in recent years and deep understanding of professional financial theory, DING Guisheng can accurately understand the actual situation of each customer. Since joining the company, DING Guisheng has reviewed more than 40 IPOs of listed companies and refinancing projects of listed companies, involving pharmaceutical biology, agriculture, software information technology, equipment manufacturing and other industries. He has successfully helped Beijing Sun-Novo Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd, Crown Advanced Material Co, Ltd., Guangzhou LBP Medicine Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and other listed companies to complete listing analysis and due diligence, and helped them successfully list. Taking a technology company as an example, DING Guisheng and his team verified and came up with a clear adjustment plan for the company’s reasons for achieving a higher compound growth rate of operating income sustainability, and the accuracy of income attribution in 2019 and 2020 with a low market shares rate. He helped the company to raise 484 million yuan on the day of listing, while Minsheng Securities Co., Ltd., as a sponsor institution, received more than 48 million yuan in sponsorship and underwriting fees, with remarkable achievements.

In addition to the above examples, DING Guisheng also assisted many other enterprises and investors to achieve the goal of successful listing and capital raising by virtue of his extraordinary professional ability. He has participated in and witnessed the gradual and steady growth of Chinese financial and investment industry, advancing the sound development of the social economy and allowing the financial industry and the national economy to progress in tandem and win together. The financial industry is ever-changing, but progress in the industry cannot be achieved without outstanding leaders like Mr. DING Guisheng. An industry expert once commented on DING Guisheng: “His expertise and ability in the review and analysis of proposed IPOs of listed companies and refinancing plans of already-listed companies can be considered as a role model in the industry. I believe that the future of Chinese financial industry lies in the hands of elites like DING Guisheng. “

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