Let Players Hold the Initiative, the NFT Game “The Old Man and the Sea” Creates a Completely Decentralized Blockchain Game World!

In traditional games, players only have the right to use the account. Deleting or trading the account is actually violating the regulations. Some players even get sued by the game company and finally have to compensate.

As a matter of fact, some game companies secretly attach various unequal terms to the User Code of Conduct Terms. When players ignore these unreasonable terms because of their length, they suffer great losses. According to those terms, players only have the right to use the account and its items, rather than owning the game account, though they have operated the account for many years. In early December, the event that several famous players of Moonlight Blade deleted their accounts magnifies this contradiction again. According to the regulations, if the player deletes the account, it goes beyond the use right. If this action even causes losses to the manufacturer, the player needs to bear the liability for contract violation and compensation.

Also in December this year, Masterwork Apocalypse of Netease was shut down. At that time, many players realized that when the game stopped serving, their charged account could not be traded, and the charged money could not be retrieved.

Even during operation, most games do not support players to trade accounts and resources. Many players have encountered frauds and suffered losses during personal trading. As for the third-party account rental/ trading platform, they usually lose when sued by the manufacturer.

There are three problems haunting traditional games: the account and game resources cannot be publicly / freely traded; the account ownership cannot be enjoyed; the account no longer has value after the game is shut down.

The players are given account ownership in the NFT game, which confronts one of the pain points in the current game industry. These unreasonable terms and unfair situations that players can’t accept finally come to an end with the increasing prosperity of the NFT game.

To build a completely decentralized blockchain game world, a decentralized, immersive and virtual reality world, and a world where ownership belonging to players, The Old Man and the Sea (hereinafter referred to as “OMS”) came into being. OMS is an NFT game inspired by novel The Old Man and the Sea. This game endows the old fishing game with new vitality to brings players a fresh game experience.

OMS is a scarcity encryption game based on digitization, in which the encryption world, consisting of open source code, is fair and open. Once the game is deployed, developers have no control over it. The DAO community will be able to verify all the transactions and actions without the involvement of authentic third parties.

OMS game boast rich game scenarios, game props, trading markets, investment markets and ecosystem. It also possesses its own cryptocurrency and a stable monetary economy system in the game. After the release, OMS game is no longer controlled by the development team and all the code are open source. The governance power is handed over to the DAO community by voting or meeting, and players’ free trading is not restricted. Meanwhile, the establishment of this decentralized application has the least connection with the centralized server. It is even totally placed on IPFS.

In this game, players will play the role of the brave old fishermen. They can go fish and upgrade their equipment and baits to improve fishing quality. If the fishermen don’t have enough time, they must escort marine fish NFT to earn passive income. Those who want to maximize their hard-earned profits can also participate in escorting and trading and handle their game assets completely freely.

Alexey Dyomin, Lead Game Designer of OMS, has attached great expectations to this game. “Our game development team has many years of experience in creating world-class games with amazing visual effects and fascinating game playing methods. Over the years, we have been thinking about how to bring more value to our game players. Now, we can achieve this by blockchain, especially by NFT technology. By coding our game characters and items into NFT and creating a market for them, we can endow these items with real value to benefit our users.”

In the post-epidemic era, we will grandly release the first blockchain healing game in the word, “The Old Man and the Sea”, to relieve the long-term pressure brought by the epidemic for a long time and provide each player with a “spiritual healing effect.” OMS game will heal the pain of global players during the epidemic and lead them out of the haze. Dealing with depression and anxiety and healing wounded hearts is an important function of OMS program. In all links, including scenes, stories, music, gameplay methods and rewards, OMS conveys to players a positive, relaxed and joyful moods. In Hemingway’s novels or OMS games, the old man’s brave and unyielding spirit in fighting against fish is what the producer wants to convey to more people. This kind of indomitable battle spirit also shows that world people have a rebirth in the epidemic again and again. The birth of OMS game, which does not reject commercialized “free ocean”, not only solves the mental anxiety of world people but also commemorate the unyielding spirit of mankind in the post-epidemic era.

Perhaps it is due to this original intention for players that OMS can open the door of industrial innovation and economic benefits more accurately, become a new ecology without boundaries, bring new growth points to the blockchain industry, build a network of shared value, as well as realize the integration of encryption economy and real life. We can be sure that in the near future, game-based blockchain will thrive rapidly and become more popular in the digital age. At present, OMS game perhaps represents a new form of the next generation Internet and become an important entrance to connecting the real world with the virtual world.

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