LG’s 2023 soundbars offer Dolby Atmos and wireless TV connections

Keeping its tradition of making several announcements before CES, LG has teased its 2023 soundbar lineup ahead of the big show. The company says the SC9 and SE6 models will be on display in Vegas, both equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for immersive sound. Details are scarce for now on the specifics, but LG did elaborate on some of the key features both soundbars will offer. 

First, the company says the SC9 and SE6 will have Wow Orchestra, a tool that “utilizes every one of the two products’ audio channels to create an expanded soundstage with improved height, depth and power.” That somewhat vague description is all we have to go on until we hear these in action, but LG did explain that the feature will arrive after launch via software update. The two soundbars will also use Wowcast to connect to LG TVs wirelessly over WiFi. Once synced up, you can access audio settings through the Home Dashboard on those displays (also coming via future update). 

A Triple Sound Optimizer feature “boosts” the performance of the SC9 and SE6 while Smart Up-mixer turns stereo audio into multi-channel surround sound. LG says its AI Room Calibration tailors each soundbar to the place you put them, improving low-end frequency range and subdividing the front channels for better balance, clearer vocals and enhanced dialogue. The SC9 and SE6 also have an AI Sound Pro feature that can analyze content — movies, games sports or music — and automatically apply the best settings. 

LG says the SC9 and SE6 were designed with a minimalist focus so that they might blend in better with a range of home furnishings. The company explains that a bracket for the SC9 attaches to LG’s 2022 and 2023 OLED C series TVs to further eliminate clutter. LG didn’t elaborate much on the differences between the two units other than the fact that the SE6 is “ideal for smaller spaces” due to its compact stature. Despite the smaller size, that soundbar still packs four passive radiators for “powerful bass,” according to LG, and Dolby Atmos support is still onboard. 

The company didn’t say whether or not either of these will come with a subwoofer or which additional speakers they’ll be compatible with for a true surround sound setup. But, we expect all of the finer details on that, as well as info on connectivity and availability, when we arrive in Las Vegas next week. 

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