macOS Catalina brings some major changes to Apple’s computer lineup.

First and foremost, the software breaks up the software into three apps, meaning iTunes is no longer an all-in-one programme.

Instead, Apple is introducing dedicated music, podcast and TV apps to the computer.

In addition to this, the American tech giant also revealed it has redesigned a host of different apps for the Mac, such as Reminders, to make them more refined and easy to use.

Moreover, Apple also declared it is bringing its popular Screen Time feature from iPhone to the Mac.

Screen Time is an intelligent piece of software that analyses how much people take advantage of their devices and provides detailed information on usage.

A new app dubbed “Find My” was also revealed.

Essentially, this new programme combines the firm’s previous “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends” functions but combines them into a single space.

Moreover, the functionality now allows users to locate their computer, too.

One of the most important new features to arrive to macOS Catalina comes from what Apple is dubbing Project Catalyst.

The American tech giant has stated Project Catalyst is making it easier for developers to port their apps from other products such as the iPad to the Mac.

Apple quoted from developers such as Gameloft that praised the new programme and how much easier it made delivering apps such as Asphalt 9: Legends to the computer series.

Finally, macOS Catalina will also allow users control the entirely of their computer’s functions with their voice.

Apple demoed the new feature on stage in San Jose that can be used to open apps and dictate text for instance.

This functionality is also coming to iPhone, the tech firm announced.

macOS Catalina will release later this year.