Zhang Dalong pretends to be “doctor” overtly “expert of traditional Chinese medicine” the newspaper of Los Angeles, big the advertisement that cheats a person on the radio, cause everybody to report.

Omnipotent netizens, further from the bottom of Zhang Dalong’s fraud history in China. He is from henan province, came to wuhan to do a month sister-in-law training class. Zhang boasted that he would “open 600 training stores nationwide in three years”.

However, Zhang Dalong’s main energy, but it is one after another with others. He is adept at using the court as a tool to evade his responsibilities.

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These are his fraud lawsuit in wuhan:

Case 1,Zhang Dalong and Wuhan Qiao estuary education bureau. Lost.

Example 2, Zhang Dalong and Xu Hui lawsuit. Lost. Be implemented.Zhang Dalong and Lliu Yunhui sued for damages. Fraud, lost.

Omnipotent net friend still found that judgement! Thumb up!

Here is a screenshot of the verdict:

Civil judgment of wuhan intermediate people’s court of hubei province (2011) no. 173

From the following screenshot of the judgment, we can see that Zhang Dalong’s fraud boast —

Here’s what the court decided —

Zhang Dalong lost the lawsuit “by fraud” and compensated the victim with RMB 44,575.

The following screenshots are — chief judge fu jianqing, judges Wei Lan, Wei Dahai. Date: July 26,2011.Obviously, Zhang Dalong in China did not “in three years to open 600 stores”, but went to Los Angeles, the United States, posing as a “doctor” and “expert” to come. Can also fool individual media to help him advertise. Therefore, Zhang Dalong’s fraud has a long history! Moreover, long fight court, experienced! … Xiaobian kindly remind those who did not go to court on the net, do not easily with Zhang Dalong, the law of the “veteran” over ah! Ha ha…