Mate 30 Pro could launch as soon as next month – a Huawei official was quoted as saying the Mate 30 Pro and standard Mate 30 would arrive in Europe alongside a new processor called the Kirin 990 on September 19.

If true, this would mark a break in tradition for the Chinese tech giant that typically unveils its new devices in October.

Mate 30 Pro has been tipped to tote a new display, camera system and an even bigger battery than its predecessor, the Mate 20 Pro.

However, one major detail about the handset that had been unclear concerned the operating system it would run.

Huawei’s ability to harness Google’s Android software was cast in doubt after the US Commerce Department placed the tech giant on a trade blacklist.

This action effectively prevented Google, and other American companies, from doing business with Huawei.

The ban was initially put in place immediately, however Huawei was later given a 90-day extension for it.

This expired on August 19 – however the US has since given the Chinese firm another 90-day extension – meaning it has until November 19 to work with Google before another decision is made in this regard.

The newest extension had seemingly confirmed Huawei’s newest flagship smartphone, the Mate 30 Pro, would indeed harness Android.

However, this had not been confirmed by the Chinese firm, until now.

CNET recently reported Vincent Yang, Huawei’s senior vice president, insisted the firm has no plans to release a smartphone running its recently announced operating system, HarmonyOS.

This practically confirms the Mate 30 Pro will utilise Google’s Android platform – a major detail that will surely excite many Huawei fans.

HarmonyOS was unveiled at the OEM’s recent Developer Conference in the industrial Chinese city of Dongguan.

During its reveal, Huawei detailed the software’s forward-thinking architecture that could allow it to more easily run on a stream of different Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The day after Huawei announced HarmonyOS, Honor announced a smart television that runs the new platform.

For context, Honor is owned by Huawei.

While Huawei has consistently iterated it will harness Android for its mobiles first and foremost, the firm has insisted it will utilise HarmonyOS in this area if it is unable to work with Google in the future.