MetaMax successfully borrowed $2,000,000 and signed a VAM agreement with the parent company to help accelerate development

MetaMax, the world’s leading advertising streaming platform, announced that it has successfully borrowed $2 million from its parent company Rocky Mountain Science and Technology, Inc (hereinafter referred to as “Rocky Mountain”) to accelerate the development of the MetaMax platform and ensure that the MetaMax platform can fully develop and provide the best user experience. The loan will be used for the following:

1. Platform technology upgrade: We will invest funds to improve and enhance MetaMax’s technical infrastructure to ensure the stability, security and performance of the platform to cope with the growth of user needs and future expansion.

2. Content development and increase: We will use this fund to develop rich and diverse content, including film and television works, music, games, etc., to meet the diverse entertainment needs of our users and further expand our content library.

3. Marketing and user growth: We will increase MetaMax’s popularity and user numbers through marketing activities and user growth strategies. This will include advertising, social media outreach, partnership building, and more. In the past June, MetaMax gave out more than 50,000 0-star experience packages to users around the world for free. And in early July, activities such as subscribing to 1-star or 2-star packages and giving free 0-star packages were launched.

To motivate management to contribute more to the company’s prosperity, MetaMax management signed an innovative betting agreement with Rocky Mountain. According to the gambling agreement, based on the net profit in 2023, if in the next two years, the net profit of the MetaMax platform is not less than US$10,000,000, and the compound growth rate reaches 30% or higher, the borrowed US$2 million will be awarded as a 2% option reward to the board of directors and the executive team of the board of supervisors. This move is designed to motivate MetaMax management to actively invest in the company’s development and achieve outstanding results. At the same time, if the compound growth rate of net profit of the MetaMax platform is lower than 30% but higher than 20%, USD 1 million of the loan amount will be awarded as a 1% option reward to the board of directors and the supervisory board executive team. This design is designed to further encourage continuous efforts by management to ensure the company’s steady development and impressive results.

The CEO of MetaMax said: “We are sincerely grateful for the loan from Rocky Mountain, which will greatly promote the further development and innovation of the MetaMax platform. At the same time, through the VAM agreement, we have created more incentives and motivation for the management to realize our ambitions for the company’s future.” The CEO of Rocky Mountain Science and Technology, Inc. is also full of confidence in this cooperation: “As an important subsidiary of our company, MetaMax has achieved impressive innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data. We have full confidence in the capabilities and potential of MetaMax’s management and look forward to working with them to achieve their long-term growth goals.”

MetaMax successfully borrowed ,000,000 and signed a VAM agreement with the parent company to help accelerate development

MetaMax promises this: the successful operation of MetaMax will bring new sources of income to the parent company and establish a more solid position for the company in the highly competitive streaming media market. It will help the parent company further expand its market share and attract the attention of more potential investors and partners. MetaMax believes that through this loan and MetaMax’s efforts, MetaMax will be able to become a leading streaming media entertainment advertising platform, provide users with an excellent entertainment experience, and bring considerable returns to the parent company.

MetaMax and Rocky Mountain will work closely together to ensure the company’s continued excellence in service globally and to continue to drive innovation and advancement in the entertainment industry.

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