Outlook is Microsoft’s email client that replaced Hotmail back in 2013.

The software received a huge makeover this year that introduced a more contemporary aesthetic overall.

In fact, at the start of this month the Outlook app was updated for iOS platforms, bringing it up to speed with desktops and Android.

During the announcement of the change, Microsoft was eager to boast about the craftsmanship that had been poured into the creation of the new iPhone app.

Moreover, the American tech giant also insisted the redesign should allow users to be more productive overall.

Microsoft said: “With the new design in Outlook for iOS, we’re introducing new sensory feedback to create a resonant experience with the device cradled in your hand.

“When you swipe right or left on an email, subtle changes in colour, shape, and iconography unfold. The corners of the message transform from hard-edged to soft and round, metaphorically pulling that item away from the message list and sending it where you want it to go—with haptic feedback.

“The first thing most will notice as we roll out the Outlook for iOS changes over the next few weeks is the bold colour that creates a more vibrant experience.

“We recognise that people use many apps on their devices and quickly switch between apps to complete tasks.”

But it appears Microsoft is eager to deliver closer integration between the Outlook app and its virtual assistant, Cortana.

Windows Central has reported the tech behemoth has a feature in the works whereby Cortana will read emails in a user’s focused inbox.

Citing sources that shared information surrounding the functionality, the outlet stated when a smartphone is connected to a speaker or headphones via Bluetooth, an option will appear allowing the user to listen to their emails.

The publication also displayed images of the alleged feature in motion, showcasing its user interface.

The playback for emails is presented in a very similar manner to that of music streaming services or podcast applications with a notification in the centre of the screen stating the contact who sent the email being read and controls to pause, flag and delete emails at the bottom.

At the start of the dictation the Outlook fan will also be alerted as to how long the reading will take.

Most notably, Windows Central stated if an email contains a number of images and graphics, Cortana will say “there is a lot of visual content” and advise the document is best consumed on a display.

No release date for the feature was given but it was emphasised the functionality feels “very polished already”, hinting it may not be long before it arrives.