Mirror uses decentralized social platform as an opportunity to fully deploy the Web3 track

At present, the “real virtual world” based on mobile media is accelerating the rise. The boundaries of the real world and the digital world are getting blurred, and offline life and online life are getting more and more integrated. At the same time, as the network platform based on social media is deeply involved in daily life, the virtual network space is constantly evolving as an indispensable main field for individual connections. The technology is to reshape netizens’ behavior with its own logic and social logic. Models and psychological structures affect the social and emotional life of modern people.

In this process, decentralized social platforms have become the focus, and the rise of the concept of Web3.0 has also accelerated this trend. For example, on the decentralized platform DECENTRALAND, people can create and experience the content and applications they generate freely, and to buy and sell digital assets freely on it. This decentralized virtual reality platform driven by Ethereum’s blockchain is like a free kingdom without central authoritative management. The same is true of the Mirror founded by the A16Z partner Denis Nozarov. Like all Web3.0 platforms, it is characterized by decentralization. It is mainly based on the arweave blockchain. Permanent preservation, not tampering, distributed storage, and data ownership belong to individuals.

Mirror uses decentralized social platform as an opportunity to fully deploy the Web3 track

Mirror founder Denis Nozarov stated in the media that Mirror is not only positioned as a “content release platform”, but a place where the web 3.0 incident occurs. Web3.0). We will be committed to achieving the freedom of content creation. The goal is to provide creators with a way to publish works confidently and safely, and retain the ownership of digital copyrights.

It is understood that the functional advantage of Mirror decentralized social platform is that what is done on the centralized platform (Twitter, Facebook) can also be performed on Mirror, including project planning books, including people from all walks of life in the society, and Product logs, white paper, literary works, media articles, brand copywriting, diary, etc. Mirror provides a variety of space for all “Web3.0er”. Thousands of creators include DAO operators, NFT projectors, engineers, investors, and protocol teams using Mirror to introduce them to the ecosystem to introduce them Unique thoughts. For users, entering the Mirror platform for content creation can only be used by logging in through encryption wallets. But far more than that, users can not only collect their favorite content, but also create their own value content. Users can connect their wallets to create his Writing NFT, and can publish, pricing and cast his exclusive work.

Mirror decentralized social platforms are subversive to the market. Its model can effectively promote the realization of the value of creative content and production incentives, promote the integration of high -quality creative content and user stickiness, promote the creation of the reputation and social attributes of collectors, reduce the growth of social attributes, reduce NFT’s MINT cost and promotion of active user growth provide a value set comparison platform and value consensus mechanism.

As a batch of dark horses in the encrypted circuit, the Mirror decentralized social platform is continuing to improve the Web3 track on the basis of the core functions of articles, NFT collections, bidding, crowdfunding, benefits, and voting. For example, Mirror establishes a development space for Web3’s idea. Thousands of authors -including DAO operators, NFT projects, engineers, investors and protocol teams -have used Mirror to introduce their best ideas to the ecosystem. Their voice makes Mirror a vibrant destination.

Mirror is a consumer -grade product that appears after a long reshuffle in the currency circle. It not only makes people see the potential of crypto products, but more importantly, its core NFT ownership economy Models will disintegrate the old production relationship and bring practical value to the creators.

Mirror is still inviting testing phase, but the potential is exciting. Once it is put into use, there is great potential to empower many writers to maintain their livelihood by content creation, and there is no need to please advertisers and traffic. I believe that websites like Apple4us have a stable and organic revenue, and they will return to the public vision, and there will be more and more similar high -quality content websites -this is the Internet today, the best attitude.

In the future, Mirror will use the capacity of the blockchain to carry the value and the function of transmitting value to the extreme, build a web3.0 infrastructure with decentralized sharing and innovation and community autonomy (DAO) that can generate value exchange. The interoperability between the ecology, the bridge between each continent, allows humans to understand the new universe empowering by Web 3.0 from the new dimension, and bring the equal and open concept of WED 3.0 to the extreme. Users’ assets are more free.

Mirror is the revolution of content creation, and Mirro is the dawn of the web3 era.It is published by the content created by the former partner of A16Z Crypto Denis Nazarov. The market starts the angel round fundraising. After the fundraising is over, it will log in to major trading platforms in the world in 2023. Let us look forward to the launch of Mirror to lead the start of the bull market.

    Project contract address:0xAA547910216E7437F3e387217BeABd1640ce5517

Mirror project official website:https://mirror.xyz/?utm_source=btcbaike

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