Mr. SHAO Hang, Use the Art of Sound Engineering for a More Singable Industry Dynamics

The sound project brings irreplaceable artistic effects to borderless art such as film, music, television, radio, video games, etc., which distinguishes modern art from black and white silent art and enrichis the whole world.

As an intelligent sound engineer, Mr. SHAO Hang has gone through a lot of tempering and self-growth from the initial technical work of sound post-production to the establishment of Beijing 20k Miles Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. From learning multimedia design and production at the beginning, to becoming an intelligent sound engineer, Mr. SHAO Hang has achieved the transformation and breakthrough of the industry, and finally found his ultimate dream: to create a more beautiful and colorful world constructed by sound art.

As the founder of Beijing 20k Miles Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Mr. SHAO Hang has always been adhering to the beautiful idea of “bringing more beautiful sound to the world”. He will personally appreciate all the sound works designed by the company’s sound designers, feel the effect of sound production, and consider whether it is consistent with the experience of film and television or game, before adopting and applying it to the targeted products. In German, “Tonmeister” means “master of sound”, and Mr. SHAO Hang is a worthy Tonmeister, with a detailed knowledge of all aspects of sound production. In terms of engineering, he is proficient in various sound processing technologies, including sound synthesis technology, mixing technology, audio signal processing technology, etc. In terms of art, he is well versed in the art of sound, has received profound music training in his career, has good music appreciation ability, and knows how to combine different types of sound into specific film and television cultural works. Make the work get greater sublimation. In addition to serving as the director of sound engineering of the company, Mr. SHAO Hang’s company has also made great progress and promotion under his careful operation and management. With the effective decision of Mr. SHAO Hang, the company has reached an annual profit of more than 5 million yuan.

As a smart sound engineer, Mr. SHAO Hang has activated his creativity to the greatest extent. He combines advanced smart high-tech technology to achieve self-achievement in the dream of sound engineering. Based on the traditional original sound production engineering equipment, he has carried out bold and advanced technical innovation and developed a series of sound acoustic production equipment, including: “Equipment and Method for Controlling Multiple Speakers with the Help of DSP”, “Multi-channel Audio Signal Representation Method Based on AI Intelligent Platform”, “Audio Spatialization and Environmental Simulation System Based on MR Mixed Reality Technology” and “Cloud-based Audio Content and Audio Track Editing System”. The above several advanced technical achievements are Mr. SHAO Hang’s long-term research, invention and production more in line with modern sound production engineering great works. Driven by his passion for his career, Mr. SHAO Hang is still learning more in-depth sound engineering techniques, and has always been combined with modern technology, so that the sound aesthetics he designed and created are more in line with modern aesthetics, and can better match different types of film and television cultural works.

“Inspiration and action are two inseparable parts that give each other the power to create this rich and wonderful world of sound.” Mr. SHAO Hang said. Even as he climbed the heights of his career, he often recalled the moment of inspiration that created those beautiful works. The beautiful sound inspiration always moved him deeply. Mr. SHAO Hang will continue to shine and create in the field of sound engineering, creating a more diversified and rich sound aesthetic world for those who love audio-visual experience. (Author: LI Wenjing)

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