Neumann Limited–a rising star in the quantitative trading market

Financial markets are changing rapidly, wealth opportunities are fleeting, and human subjective judgments are often unable to seize opportunities quickly and effectively. The emergence of quantitative trading replaces human subjective judgments with advanced mathematical models, and uses computer technology to screen a variety of “high probability” events that can bring excess returns from huge historical data to formulate strategies. This will greatly reduce the impact of investor sentiment fluctuations and prevent investors from making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely frenzied or pessimistic. With the emergence of underlying technologies such as blockchain, the computing power of the quantitative trading model has exploded, and trillions of logical operations can be performed per second. The quantitative trading market bursts with unprecedented vitality.

Neumann Limited is a high-profile dark horse in the quantitative trading market.

Neumann Limited–a rising star in the quantitative trading market

Strong Background,Rich in Funds

Neumann Limited is an intelligent quantitative investment and trading company located in Denver, Colorado, USA. It has been invested by Goldman Sachs, followed by a number of international quantitative giants, and many experts in the field of blockchain, financial scientists and well-known traders in the Wall Street stock market. The team provides top technical support. Backed by the millions of financial transaction data and powerful intelligence network of Goldman Sachs Group for decades, Neumann Limited has successfully constructed the most accurate and profitable quantitative trading strategy model. The model can adapt to almost all market conditions, make accurate trading decisions, and maintain significant trading results even under market turbulence.

Not only that, Neumann Limited has obtained the MSB license in the United States, and has a number of senior traders and professional analysts, top models and first-class elites [human-machine collaboration], committed to creating a benchmark in the quantitative trading industry and bringing users excess income, and promote the rapid development of inclusive finance.

Technical Excellence, Profitability and Security

Neumann Limited’s quantitative trading system has powerful functions, data security, and efficient operation; unified rules for smart contracts, completely open and transparent; transaction funds circulate on the chain, deposit and withdraw at any time, completely decentralized, reject financial inhibition, and allow all users to profit more safely.

The world’s top blockchain technology builds the underlying architecture and jointly builds consensus and autonomous ecological finance. Intelligent strategic investment, more diversified wealth and income. In addition to the static revenue of registration and check-in and the static monthly revenue of copying orders, users can also enjoy high sharing level benefits by sharing invitations. Build your own team, and by accumulating contribution value, you can also receive a steady stream of team management benefits. Neumann Limited also uses the power of super tools through robot empowerment to maximize the value of personal time, make investment more efficient, and make profits safer and easier.

Rapidly Expanding Strategic Map

Neumann Limited has a comprehensive financial ecosystem, including digital asset management service platform, multi-market target trading system, documentary system, investment sector, online quantitative trading practice and training system, offline entity teaching and training sector, and human-machine integration for efficient profitability The custodian system and other modules have successfully realized intelligent quantitative trading arbitrage, on-chain clip arbitrage, scientists grabbing coins, automatic market making, automatic token distribution and collection and other functions.

The global footprint of Neumann Limited is still expanding rapidly! Neumann Limited’s future market users will cover more than 100 countries around the world, including North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific. Neumann Limited’s ambition is not limited to the world’s leading intelligent quantitative trading company, but also the world’s leading decentralized and efficient digital asset management company, as well as an indispensable comprehensive service company in the hearts of investors.

Adhering to the popularization of digital dividends, Neumann Limited is committed to building a community with a shared future for mankind and promoting the great vision of inclusive finance. When the market is turbulent, it injects a booster into the market and is favored by many users. Neumann Limited is like a rising star in the quantitative trading market, dispelling the haze of the night and illuminating the way forward for the market.

For more information about Neumann Limited, please contact Telegram customer service: @Neumannquantification.

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