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Dying Light developer Techland has partnered with a new company called Glass Cannon Unplugged to create a brand new game based on the popular zombie survival franchise. The twist, however, is that the new Dying Light release isn’t actually coming to PlayStation, Xbox, PC or Nintendo Switch. Instead, it’s a tabletop board game that has already smashed its initial Kickstarter goal. Pencilled in for a June 2025 release date, the Dying Light board game has racked up more than £420,000 in pledges, and with 18 days of the Kickstarter campaign still to go.

If it carries on at this rate, there’s a good chance the Dying Light board game will become the latest tabletop adventure to generate over £1 million in pledges.

More pledges will also result in more content, with new miniatures, weapon cards and other stretch goals unlocking at various milestones.

Fans can pick up a copy of the game with all unlocked stretch goals and a weapon charm for around £52 (not including postage).

There’s also a Deluxe pledge containing an Infected Miniatures expansion for around £95, as well as a Super Deluxe package aimed at retailers, which contains six of everything for just over £500.

As for the gameplay, the Dying Light board game sees 1-4 players attempt to complete a variety of multi-mission story campaigns.

Developer Glass Cannon Unplugged explains more: “Based on the best-selling video game series, Dying Light: The Board Game places 1-4 players in the role of Runners – daredevils trying to outlive the end of civilisation in the last outpost of humanity on Earth.

“As you explore the city of Villedor in a series of multi-mission story campaigns, your characters gain new skills, new equipment and discover the perilous world of Dying Light.”

Much like the Dying Light video game series, the board game will feature a parkour system, not to mention a wide variety of enemies.

Interestingly, the board game also contains a day and night cycle, which is said to have a big impact on the gameplay.

You can back the Dying Light Board Game by visiting its Kickstarter page.

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