There’s a hugely exciting few months ahead for Apple fans with the US technology firm expected to release its all-new iPhone in September.

This next generation device looks set to be packed with updates and new features with the most exciting change almost certainly the addition of a triple rear camera.

It’s thought this trio of snappers will bring improved zoom and the option to snap shots with a new wide-angle lens.

Many of Apple’s main Android rivals now feature this camera setup and it would make perfect sense for the iPhone to get a similar upgrade.

Although this new rear camera will clearly offer a new look on the outside there could also be some big hidden changes taking place under the hood of the iPhone 11.

A newly leaked image that’s appeared on SlashLeaks, claims to show the new logic board that will be packed inside the new phone.

Although it may not look that exciting, if real, it does prove that some big updates are coming to the new iPhone.

That’s because the current board that’s found in the iPhone Xs is L-shaped which takes up far more room inside the device.

As noted by 9to5Mac, this new image could prove that Apple is completely redesigning the internal components to allow for a bigger battery and that triple rear camera system.

It’s already been reported that Apple may be planning to increase the capacity of the power pack by around 20 per cent.

This extra energy could be what many iPhone fans have been waiting for as it may bring extended life to this hugely popular device.

There’s also the rumour that this new battery will be able to refill other devices and accessories via reverse wireless charging technology.

Expect more rumours and leaks to appear online in the coming weeks although any official news won’t be announced until Apple’s keynote which will probably take place in mid-September.